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McGill SCS Certificate in STEM Foundations

Take the first step into the future of your dreams!

Do you…

  • dream of making an invention or discovery that will change the world one day?
  • aspire to a career in one of the health professions?
  • wish your knowledge and competence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics were stronger?
  • need to acquire typical prerequisites for entrance to university STEM courses?

Designed as a gateway to Freshman Year (U0) university programs in North America and elsewhere, the Certificate in STEM Foundations is a 30-credit undergraduate program that prepares you for entry into STEM degree programs or entry-level STEM careers. It can provide you with essential prerequisite knowledge and competence in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics as well as in Academic English Writing.

This program is offered to institutions, organizations, and communities in partnership with the School of Continuing Studies’ Adaptive and Integrated Learning domain. Please contact us for more information or details on how to partner with us.

Type:   Certificate
Courses:   10
Credits:   30
Schedule:  TBD
Time:  TBD
Delivery:  In-person
Unit:   Adaptive and Integrated Learning.
Questions?   stem.scs [at]

The McGill STEM Foundations certificate can help you obtain the solid entry-level foundation you need for university studies in STEM fields.

The Certificate in STEM Foundations is open to students whose educational institutions have a formal agreement with McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies for the purpose of study abroad international mobility programs. If you wish to learn more on how to become a partner, please contact us at stem.scs [at] If you are a student, please contact your campus director regarding a potential partnership with your institution for this program.

There is no guaranteed admission to a McGill degree program upon completion of the Certificate in STEM Foundations.

Program Outline: Certificate (Cert.) STEM Foundations (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)



Message From the Academic Program Coordinator

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” - Lao Tzu

I am a firm believer that at any time each of us has the potential to be anything we want.. It is never too late to recreate ourselves.

As a teacher, I encourage you to follow your dreams, persevere, and accomplish your goals. Become the best version of yourself. Do what you love., Experience a sense of fulfillment.If you are interested in a career in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics – but you are not sure what it requires or where it could lead, I invite you to take a summer “sampler” course with us. If you would like to acquire prerequisite courses in preparation for university studies, consider the Certificate in STEM Foundations in whole or in part.

I wish you success in your life and all your future endeavours. It would be my pleasure to welcome you to McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies for an adventure in STEM Foundations one day soon!

Kind regards,

Effie Dracopoulos

Key Features

The Certificate in STEM Foundations provides you with the dedicated support needed to maximize your academic performance in prerequisite courses that are typically required for admission to undergraduate STEM degree programs.

  1. Access to tutors for the duration of the Program to help you monitor your academic progress in each course and provide immediate assistance if/as needed.
  2. Set yourself up for academic success with skills, such notetaking, time management, and exam preparation, by participating in extracurricular workshops and activities.

Career Spotlight

An education in a STEM field could lead to a career as:

  • Accountant
  • Actuary
  • Biochemist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Cartographer
  • Clinical Informaticist
  • Computer and Information Scientist
  • Dentist
  • Environmentalist
  • Economist
  • Epidemiologist/Medical Scientist
  • Forestry Technician
  • Game Developer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • IT Manager
  • Mathematician
  • Midwife
  • Mining Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician
  • Psychologist
  • Software Developer
  • Statistician
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • Web Developer


And many more…

Who Should Attend

The Certificate in STEM Foundations program is designed for students from all backgrounds who need to complete typical prerequisites for Freshman/U0 year STEM courses, or who wish to enhance their pre-university educational background in order to have more competitive university admission applications. This may include students from underserved and/or underrepresented communities (e.g., Indigenous communities of Canada, ethnic or racialized minorities, newcomers to Canada, and women), as well as international students from different secondary school systems.

Learning Outcomes
  • Acquire essential foundational knowledge and competences in mathematics, academic writing, chemistry, biology and physics through experiential learning to enrich your academic profile in preparation for a university major in a STEM-related field, such as Health Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences, or Engineering.
  • Complete course requirements for admission to international STEM colleges and universities and get help with the application process.
  • Prepare yourself for university life by learning skills such as notetaking, exam preparation, time and, anxiety management, teamwork, etc.
  • Experience life in Canada through a cultural and social program offered as part of the onsite experience for international students.
  • Get insights into the STEM world of work by connecting with STEM professionals and through industry visits.

Course Schedule

Courses run on a three-week intensive format. The schedule and course selection will vary depending on the partnership agreement.

Sample Schedule

Academic Writing 1 Chemistry 1 Physics 2
Mathematics 1 Physics 1 Chemistry 3 or Mathematics 3
Mathematics 2 Academic Writing 2 or Biology 2  
Biology 1 Chemistry 2    

Delivery Format and Schedule

The program can be delivered both on campus at McGill University and off campus, on the premises of a partner institution. In addition, upon an institutional partner’s request, the program may be delivered on a part-time or full-time basis, in part or in whole.

Admission Requirements
  1. Students must be at least 17 years of age and meet one of the criteria below:
  • Hold a High School Diploma OR
  • Hold a CEGEP diploma (DCS, DEC or equivalent) from a non-STEM discipline OR
  • Be at least 21 years of age - applicants who do not have the normal academic background for admission but are 21 years of age and older may be admitted as mature students
  1. Students must meet the English Language Proficiency requirement

 ChecklistReady to take the next step?

Be sure to review all the necessary instructions and guidelines to help make your application process smooth and easy.

How to Apply

Application Deadlines

Language Requirements

Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

International Students

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Need help applying?

Contact us at info.conted [at]
or call 514-398-6200

Questions about your admission?

Contact us at admissions.scs [at]
or call 514-398-6200

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