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French@Work courses are a flexible, turnkey professional development solution designed to improve participants' competence and confidence in using French in the workplace.

Through an innovative and engaging interface, the participants develop vocabulary, strategies and grammatical structures through oral exercises and communicative activities integrated into professional workplace situations.

Topics covered include communicating information to customers, complaint management, and interpersonal relations in the workplace.

Courses:   12
Credits:   non-credit, non-transcript
Schedule:   Fall/Winter/Spring
Weeks:   6 weeks per course | 4 weeks per workshop
Delivery:  Virtual or in-person
Unit:   Global and Strategic Communication
Questions?   gsc.scs [at] (subject: French%40Work)




Key Features


Courses last 6 weeks and offer synchronous and asynchronous content through classroom teaching and conversation practice combined with self-directed activities. Expert-level workshops last 4 weeks and also offer a synchronous and asynchronous experience.

Delivered by an academic team experienced in corporate francization, these courses and workshops can be offered in person or virtually.


Who Should Attend

Any professional looking to improve their French language skills.

Learning Outcomes

These courses aim to enable participants to:

  • develop their oral and written expression in French in formal and informal situations specific to professional and socio-cultural life
  • improve their level of oral and written comprehension in French
  • use communication strategies in oral and written exchanges in French
  • develop greater linguistic precision
  • become aware of the socio-professional and cultural context of Quebec.

Delivery Format and Schedule

Classes are held at the same time each week in a live virtual meeting room where students and teachers meet to communicate with voice and video. Activities may include the use of tools such as a poll, breakout rooms, etc.

Classes are generally scheduled during the week in the day or the evening.


Courses: 30 hours

12 contact hours

18 hours of autonomous work


  • First contact in French
  • Using French at work


  • Communicating information
  • Office life


  • Customer service: complaint management
  • Interpersonal relations


  • Values at work
  • The art of communication

Workshops: 15 hours

6 contact hours

9 hours of autonomous work


  • Participate in a committee and master rules and procedures in French
  • Apply for funding and communicate effectively with various bodies in French
  • Prepare and present a written report in French
  • Prepare and present an oral project in French


$625 per participant for a 30-hour course

$385 per participant for a 15-hour expert level workshop

The program fee includes registration, tuition, course materials, and access to myCourses learning management system.

How to Register

All new participants must write a French Placement Test or complete and submit the Placement Test Waiver form (see below) to be placed into the appropriate level. Students can take the test once per session and the results are valid for one year.

Beginner level participants:

Beginner students (those with no or very little background in French) can fill out a waiver form to be exempted from the Placement Test. Students who submit a waiver form will be placed in our Basic French workshop.

Please fill out the waiver form and return it to language.scs [at]

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