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27th Annual CEGSS Conference (2021)

*UPDATE* - Please note that the abstract submission deadline for the 27th Annual CEGSS Conference has been extended to May 5th, 2021!

27th Annual CEGSS Conference - Friday, May 21st, 2021

Read the Guidelines for the 27th Annual CEGSS Conference (PDF) for abstract submission and presentation details!



CEGSS Conference 2019

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Visit the 26th Annual CEGSS Conference page for Submission Guidelines and additional info! 


CEGSS Conference 2018

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018
Submission Guidelines


The CEGSS conference is the main academic event held by the CEGSS. The conference aims to gather graduate students, from all Canadian universities, in a friendly yet professional atmosphere to interact, present, and discuss their ongoing research.

The CEGSS Conference is funded by grants, donations, and the generous support from industry sponsors. Through the years, the CEGSS conference was successful in attracting major civil engineering firms. The conference provides a recruiting platform and a unique networking and advertising opportunity for firms working within the civil engineering community.

The conference is held annually, around the end of the winter term. The conference proceedings take place over the course of one day. The conference program mainly comprises of three technical sessions; each session is commenced by keynote presentations given by McGill professors to describe their current and future research work.

The sessions involve oral presentations given by graduate students, in addition to a poster session, covering all disciplines of civil engineering (i.e. structural, transportation, environmental, and geotechnical engineering). To boost the competitive spirit, cash awards are offered for outstanding posters and presentations based on the audience feedback.

With the contribution of our fellow graduate students, esteemed professors, and the support of our sponsors, the CEGSS is working harder each year to expand this venue and reach a larger audience. We hope that this conference will keep enriching the academic life at McGill University and energizing the graduate student community within the Department of Civil Engineering.



CEGSS Conference 2017:

Please refer to the abstract submissions for conference rules and guidelines.

The 24th annual CEGSS Conference was awarded the Silver Medal among McGill Sustainable Events and the Gold Standard carbon offset certificate. Counting 23 presentations and 6 judges, more than 50 attendees were present at the conference, which created a good platform of interaction between professors, industry representatives, graduate and undergraduate students from different Canadian universities.





CEGSS Conference 2016:




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