Areas of Specialization

Although the Department is not divided formally into sections, the fields of study and research can be grouped into four main areas: environmental engineering and water resources management, fluid mechanics and hydraulic engineering, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, as well as structural engineering and construction materials. Selected courses are also available in the area of transportation engineering. Descriptions of the topics of research and facilities in the four major areas are presented under each section:

The research activities of this group may be divided into two broad categories: experimental (laboratory and field-related) projects and numerical modelling.

Research activities in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering range from studies of the basic physics and chemistry of soil behaviour to applied field problems.

This area is concerned with the interaction of mankind with the water environment.

Research in the structures, construction materials and solid mechanics areas is pursued over a wide range of topics.

The Transportation program a is highly interdisciplinary in light of the diversity of expertise brought by Profs. Miranda-Moreno, Sun and Yu, and the large number of faculty on campus conducting transportation-related research. The program also benefits from strong collaborations with other universities and government agencies.

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