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Academic Advisors in Civil Engineering 2016 - 2017

For U0 Students
yixin.shao [at] (Professor Y. Shao) Room 475B
For U1 Students
susan.gaskin [at] (Professor S. Gaskin) Room 488
For U2 Students
omid.rouhani [at] (Professor O. Rouhani) Room 278B
For U3 Students
yixin.shao [at] (Professor Y. Shao) Room 475B
For Exchange and Transfer Students
yixin.shao [at] (Professor Y. Shao) Room 475B
Director of Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program
yixin.shao [at] (Professor Y. Shao) Room 475B
Chair of the Department [at] (Professor V.T.V. Nguyen) Room 489
Undergraduate Student Affairs Coordinator
anna.dinolfo [at] (Ms. Anna Dinolfo) Room 496
Department ugradinfo.civil [at] (e-mail) for
General Inquiries
Civil Engineering
For all Engineering Students
Associate Director:
Ms. Chidinma Offoh-Robert
Engineering Student Center (MESC)
Frank Dawson Adams Building - Room 22
Email queries to Faculty information [at] (Faculty of Engineering)
Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society
ceus.president [at] (CEUS President)
Dominique Cliché
Room 284/5/6


franca.della-rovere [at] (Franca Della-Rovere)


anna.dinolfo [at] (Anna Dinolfo)
Student Affairs Coordinator, Undergraduate Records


sandy.shewchuk-boyd [at] (Sandy Shewchuk-Boyd)

Administrative Assistant

gradinfo.civil [at] (Sun Chee Wong)
Student Affairs Coordinator, Graduate Records