The Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society (CEUS) is a student organization in the Department of Civil Engineering. Our purpose is to organize activities to promote a sense of community among the undergraduate students in Civil Engineering. We also work closely with the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill. All undergraduate students automatically become members of the CEUS upon registration in the Civil Engineering program.


CEUS Executive 2023 - 2024

This year, the CEUS Executive Council includes the following elected representatives:

President ceus.president [at] mcgilleus.ca (Davis Timko)
VP Academic Affairs ceus.vpacademic [at] mcgilleus.ca (Elisabeth Simard)
VP Administration ceus.vpadmin [at] mcgilleus.ca (VP Administration (TBA))
VP Communications ceus.vpcomm [at] mcgilleus.ca (Sophie Beauregard)
VP Events ceus.vpevents [at] mcgilleus.ca (Nicholas Velimirovic)
VP Finance ceus.vpfinance [at] mcgilleus.ca (Ryan Coultrip)
VP Internal ceus.vpinternal [at] mcgilleus.ca (Ciara Romano)
CSCE President csce.mcgill [at] gmail.com (Amy Ngo)
VP External ceus.vpexternal [at] mcgilleus.ca (Amy Ngo)
U0 Rep ceus.u0rep [at] mcgilleus.ca (U0 Rep (TBA))
U1 Rep ceus.u1rep [at] mcgilleus.ca (U1 Rep (TBA))
U2 Rep ceus.u2rep [at] mcgilleus.ca (Gregory Wood)
U3 Rep ceus.u3rep [at] mcgilleus.ca (Jack Halliday)
U4 Rep ceus.u4rep [at] mcgilleus.ca (Zaina Khan)
Equity & Mental Health Rep equity.civil [at] mcgilleus.ca (Defne Baysongur)
Sustainability Rep Tristan Beauchamp


This year we intend to be involved in many different activities on and off campus. For example, we will be entering several civil engineering teams in inter-university competitions such as the Concrete Canoe Race, and the Troitsky Concordia Bridge Building Competition.

Our Events:

  • Civil Colloquium Trip (happens in September)
  • Fall & Winter Banquets
  • Apartment Crawl
  • Civil &amp
  • Sandwiches Speaker Series
  • & much more...












Come out and join us!


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