McGill Engineers in Action

McGill Engineers in Action, or McGill EIA, is a student chapter of the EIA Bridge Program which designs, funds, and builds pedestrians footbridges in remote communities.






Engineers in Action (EIA) is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of vulnerable communities in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Eswatini. EIA works in partnership with university student teams, professional engineers, and local communities to increase access to water and infrastructure, building their capacity and resilience. This helps ensure the long-term sustainability of the new systems. EIA concentrates on improving community health through water and sanitation programs, hygiene education, agricultural programs, pedestrian bridges, and even playgrounds.


    • Provide isolated communities with increased accessibility
    • Design a suspension bridge
    • Fundraise the money necessary to cover all the project expenses
    • Send student on the construction site during the summer
    • Empower our students to become global leaders while connecting underserved communities

    Bridge Program

    The EIA Bridge Program focuses exclusively on cable-supported pedestrian bridges. Born and raised as the university program of the non-profit organization Bridges to Prosperity, we were acquired by Engineers in Action in September 2018, where we continue working with isolated communities to create access to essential healthcare, education, and economic opportunities by building footbridges over impassable rivers. Since 2006, students from over three dozen universities across the globe have designed and built 85 footbridges alongside rural communities in 11 countries, serving nearly 150,000 previously-isolated people. The Bridge Program currently operates field offices in Bolivia and Eswatini.



    Sponsorship team
    Seek for sponsorships with companies in the industry and promote the McGill Engineers in Action Bridge Program. Develop your social skills by communicating with companies in order to get financial or technical support from sponsors.

    Fundraising team
    Plan and organize all the Chapter's events, programs and activities such as Bridges & Brews Pub Nights, Trivia Nights and Donut Sales, in order to promote the growth of the chapter and the enrichment of the club.

    Media Team
    Find efficient ways to promote the club on different social media platforms, newsletters and by creating posters and promotional material for any event or occasion.

    Design Team
    Design, in collaboration with another university and professionals, pedestrian footbridges on a site identified and assigned by EIA staff. The geometrical design as well as all the calculations have to be drawn, computed and verified during the year in order to ensure the efficacy and the safety of the footbridge.

    Get Involved

    So, what are you waiting for, Join Us! If you want to get involved in the Club, send us an mcgill.engineersinaction [at] (email) or come to our events! We share all our events through our Facebook Page.


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