McGill Concrete Canoe

McGill Concrete Canoe Team annually designs, constructs, and races a canoe made completely out of concrete. The idea might sound crazy, but that is exactly what makes it a challenging and exciting project to work on. The twist? It must float completely submerged. The team consists of undergraduate engineering students who all share an interest in working on a stimulating engineering design project. Solving the problem involves creating a unique concrete mix that is both light and strong, designing the hull of the canoe using structural analysis methods, constructing the canoe, and ultimately racing the canoe. We race our concrete canoe in the spring at the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition against universities across Canada.  Historically McGill's Concrete Canoe Team has done well in competition, recently winning the Participants Award.


We are looking for students from all academic backgrounds and years with a wide range of skills.  Especially those who have an interest in working with concrete, constructing a mold, or using 3D CAD software for the structural design, but most importantly, we are looking for fun, engaging and determined team members.  The team is separated into smaller sub-teams including mixing, construction, sponsorship, aesthetics, paddling and hull-design.  Members can choose a sub-team that best fits their individual interests.  In order to have the best experience, we strongly encourage to sign up right away at the beginning of school year; however, anyone can join anytime throughout the year.


Take a look at our Facebook page,, where you can find more pictures and information about upcoming events.

Please contact us at canoemcgill [at]  if you are interested in getting involved with the McGill Concrete Canoe!

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