In case of an emergency while travelling, McGill travelers should:

  1. Contact the entity that can most quickly provide on-the-ground support. Depending on the situation, this could be your:

  • travel health insurance provider,
  • travel booking company, or
  • consular services for your country of citizenship
  1. If you require assistance from the university:

a. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use normal channels of communication that are already in place within your Faculty or Unit


b. Students, faculty and staff can call McGill Security Services at +1-514-398-3000. Security Services is available 24/7. Collect calls are accepted.

Security Services can:

  • Provide basic information to travelers, such as:
    • contact information for the McGill Health Plan or Vision Travel
    • embassy / consulate information
  • Route calls that require additional response to appropriate university personnel

Travel Services

Visit the Travel Services site

Consult the following documents on the Reference Material sidebar -> Travel Emergency Guide , Guidelines to minimize travel risk, and the University Travel Registration Form for Faculty and Staff

McGill Abroad

Visit the McGill Abroad site

Human Resources

Insurance Plan & Details: Click here to see insurance plan and details

University Travel Registration Form for Faculty and Staff: Travel Registration Form (login required)

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