In collaboration with the Department of Bioengineering, we host seminar presentations at which Canadian and international experts are given the opportunity to present their cutting-edge research. Requests to present a seminar should be directed to our seminar coordinator.

Seminars are usually held from 1:00pm - 2:00pm Friday  in Duff Medical Building and in MacDonald Engineering Building alternatively. Due to construction, seminars are temporarily held in Wong Building. Please click on the poster links for more information.

To receive seminar news send an email to LISTSERV [at] LISTS.MCGILL.CA containing, in the body of the email, the message: SUBSCRIBE BBME-SEMINAR-NOTICE Your_First_Name Your_Last_Name


Fall 2018







Sept 7, 2018

Matthew J. Harrington

Department of Chemistry, McGill University

Fabrication and function of biopolymeric materials

WONG 1030

Sept 14, 2018

Yasser Iturria-Medina

Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, MNI

System engineering approaches for clarifying multifactorial brain mechanisms and controlling disease progression

WONG 1030

Sept 21, 2018

Emily Porter

National University of Ireland Galway

Electromagnetic medical technologies and the dielectric properties of tissues

WONG 1030

Sept 28, 2018

Qiyin Fang

Department of Engineering Physics and School of Biomedical Engineering, McMaster University

Fast and Fluorescent Multiplexing Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging for High Content Screening Applications

WONG 1030

Oct 5, 2018

Marco Amabili

Department of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University

Mechanics and dynamics of human descending aorta and woven Dacron aortic grafts: models and experiments

WONG 1030

Oct 12, 2018

Arnold Hayer

Department of Biology,

McGill University

Exploring mechanisms controlling collective endothelial cell migration

WONG 1030

Oct 19, 2018

Clara Santato

Department of Engineering Physics, Polytechnique Montréal

Towards green electronics

WONG 1030

Oct 26, 2018

Zachary Smith

University of Science and Technology, China

Optics-based point of care diagnostics for low-resource settings

WONG 1030

Nov 2, 2018

Donald Gerson

PnuVax, Inc.

Large scale manufacturing vaccines and biopharmaceuticals

WONG 1030

Nov 9, 2018

Jackie Vogel

Department of Biology, McGill University

Born that way: The role of initial state in the formation, stability and function of the mitotic spindle

WONG 1030

Nov 16, 2018

10am -3pm



Nov 23, 2018

Daniel Farkas

Photonics Signatures

Multimode biomedical optical imaging for the clinic – that’s how the light gets in

WONG 1030

Nov 30, 2018

Jeffrey Hubbell

Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago

Turning immunity on and off

WONG 1030

Winter 2019

Jan 11, 2019

David Mooney


Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University

Building immunity with biomaterials


Jan 18, 2019

Alexis Reymbaut

Université de Sherbrooke

Pushing diffusion MRI beyond its last 30 years


Jan 25, 2019





Feb 1, 2019

Nikhil Bhagwat

University of Toronto

Prognostic application in Alzheimer's disease using MR imaging and machine-learning


Feb 8, 2019

Shana Kelley

University of Toronto



Feb 15, 2019





Feb 22, 2019





Mar 1, 2019





Mar 8, 2019


Mar 15, 2019





Mar 22, 2019


Mar 29, 2019





April 5, 2019





April 12, 2019





Seminar Locations


Duff 333

MD 267

Duff Medical Sciences Bldg
3775 Rue University, Room 333
Montreal, QC H3A 2B4
Macdonald Engineering Bldg
817 Sherbrooke St. W., Room 267
Montreal, QC H3A 0C3