We host seminar presentations where Canadian and international experts are given the opportunity to present their cutting-edge research. Requests to present a seminar should be directed to our seminar coordinators.

This 2020-21 academic year, the seminars are held from 1:30pm - 2:30pm Friday (unless specified otherwise) via Zoom. Please click on the poster links for more information.

To receive seminar news send an email to LISTSERV [at] LISTS.MCGILL.CA containing, in the body of the email, the message: SUBSCRIBE BBME-SEMINAR-NOTICE Your_First_Name Your_Last_Name


Winter 2021

Jan 15

Jun Ding

McGill University

Analysis and modeling of single-cell genomics data to drive biomedical discovery

Jan 22

Thomas Edwardson

ETH Zurich

Mimicking Nature's Nanocompartments through Protein Cage Engineering

Jan 29

Codruta Ignea

McGill University

Synthetic Biology Approaches in Terpenoid Research

Feb 5

Alex Iskold

2048 Ventures

Fireside chat/ open Q&A with Alex Iskold

Feb 12

Yaoyao Fiona Zhao

McGill University

Opportunities and challenges brought by additive manufacturing

Feb 19

Arman Sarfehnia

University of Toronto

MR-linac: A new age in radiotherapy and dosimetry

Feb 26



Mar 5

SPRING BREAK – No seminar

Mar 12

Luc Mongeau

McGill University

Novel engineering strategies for the local targeted treatment of head and neck cancer

Mar 19


Mar 26

Guojun Chen

McGill University

Engineering nanoformulations and microdevices for drug delivery

Apr 2

GOOD FRIDAY – No seminar

Apr 9

Benjamin De Leener

Polytechnique Montreal

A template-based approach for reducing biases in brain imaging studies

Apr 16

Damiano Pasini

McGill University

Architected materials optimally tailored for bone replacement implants

Fall 2020

Sep 11, 1PM

Jason Bates

University of Vermont

The Physics of Asthma

Sep 18

Marc McKee

McGill University

Life at a crystal’s edge: Molecular recognition and regulation at the organic-inorganic interface in biomineralization

Sep 25

Julien Cohen-Adad

Polytechnique, Montréal

Why isn't my 7T MRI showing 7T everywhere and why is that a problem? Real-time shimming with hybrid AC/DC coil technology

Oct 2

Caroline Wagner

McGill University

Engineering applications to global health: from biological gels to population-level transmission dynamics

Oct 9

Paul Weavers

Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies

Making the Leap in Image Performance for MRI: Field monitoring to compliment strengths of high field systems and a high strength gradients

Oct 16

Matthew J Harrington

McGill University

Biological Fabrication of Hierarchically Structured Soft Matter

Oct 23

10:15AM– 3:00PM


Oct 30

Milica Radisic

University of Toronto

Instructive biomaterials for healing and regeneration

Nov 6

Roland Kroeger

University of York, UK

The small scale matters: using electron microscopy to interrogate biological materials

Nov 13

Kaleem Siddiqi

McGill University

Helicoids in the heart

Nov 20

Jianyu Li

McGill University

Biomechanical Design of Biomaterials for Tissue Repair

Nov 27

Ali Samadani

Philips Research

AI-enabled Solutions for Acute and Critical Care

Dec 9


(BME seminar)

Philip Warrick


Advancing Perinatal Decision Support and Cardiological Signal Interpretation through Signal Processing and Machine Learning Approaches

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