We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where all feel welcomed, respected and safe. As members of the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, this is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

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The Department of Medicine is a large, multifaceted academic and clinical organization built around the medical services of McGill's principal teaching hospitals: the McGill University Health Center, the Jewish General Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital. In addition to clinical and teaching services directly related to patient care, the Department includes a broad array of research programs and its effort extends to all McGill hospitals and to the McGill campus with its researchers based at the Research Institute of the MUHC, the Lady Davis Research Institute, the Genome Center, the McGill Life Sciences Complex and the Goodman Cancer Center.  The Department is part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and is a major contributor to the undergraduate medical curriculum.  It is responsible for a large number of residency training programs, in core internal medicine as well as in a large number of sub-specialties of medicine and it also serves as the host for one of the largest graduate programs within the University, administered through the Division of Experimental Medicine.  Enjoy your visit to our website.

If you are interested in a career in medicine, please visit the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences' Admissions website.

Educational Excellence

Research & Discovery

Clinical Innovation

McGill DOM Funding Competition for Quality Improvement Studies

Open to physician contract academic staff (CAS) at the JGH, SMH, and the MUHC

Cross-site collaborations and projects assessing an intervention as opposed to descriptive/cohort studies will be prioritized.

Funding decisions will be based on a critical review of eligible proposals by the Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Scholarly Project Committee, which includes membership representation from across all hospital sites.


  • Announcement date: October 15, 2021
  • Application deadline: November 15, 2021
  • Announcement of results: TBA
  • Funding start date: TBA
  • Duration of funding: 12 months with option for one time 12-month renewal based on a satisfactory interim progress report

For full details of this funding competition and to download the McGill DOM Funding Competition for Quality Improvement Studies Application Form click here

Department of Medicine Career Paths

The Department of Medicine has defined career paths to help ensure equity between Faculty members and manage expectations at the time of recruitment, appointment, annual review and re-appointment.

The DOM career paths set ranges/ballasts upon which Faculty members and leaders can expect/gauge time allotment in the domains of clinical care, teaching, research and administration.

Our hope is that attributing meaningful protected time in the academic domains will lead to academic success that is recognized/acknowledged through McGill promotion and other forms of recognition.

McGill promotion standards are focused on demonstrating superior contributions in at least 2 of 3 domains (teaching (quality/quantity), research and service to the academic community (internal/external)). Promotion can be achieved through any of the career paths.

These career path definitions have been harmonized with affiliated hospital department rules/norms and cultures.

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