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Welcome to the Department of Medicine at McGill University

Department of Medicine LogoThe Department of Medicine is a large, multifaceted academic and clinical organization built around the medical services of McGill's principal teaching hospitals: the McGill University Health Center, the Jewish General Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital. In addition to clinical and teaching services directly related to patient care, the Department includes a broad array of research programs and its effort extends to all McGill hospitals and to the McGill campus with its researchers based at the Research Institute of the MUHC, the Lady Davis Research Institute, the Genome Center, the McGill Life Sciences Complex and the Goodman Cancer Center.  The Department is part of the Faculty of Medicine and is a major contributor to the undergraduate medical curriculum.  It is responsible for a large number of residency training programs, in core internal medicine as well as in a large number of sub-specialties of medicine and it also serves as the the host for one of the largest graduate programs within the University, administered through the Division of Experimental Medicine.  Enjoy your visit to our website.

If you are interested in a career in medicine, please visit the Faculty of Medicine's Admissions website.


Mar. 2019

Interview with Sasha Bernatsky on Comorbidities and making informed choices

Message from VP-Dean Eidelman – McGill Employment Equity Survey

Dr. John Bergeron: Closing the gender gap in the life sciences is an uphill struggle

Feb. 2019
Dr. Louise Pilote to coordinate a new personalized medicine project, GOING-FWD

Dr. Martin Olivier: Viral communications hacking boosts Leishmania infections

Talking open science with Dr. Nitika Pant Pai

Dr. Richard Cruess and Dr. Sylvia Cruess: Champions of medical professionalism

Jan. 2019
Dr. Brent Richards: A new ‘atlas’ of genetic influences on osteoporosis

Dr. William Foulkes: Shared genetic marker offers new promise in targeting specific ovarian and lung cancers

Dec. 2018
Dr. Stéphane Laporte: Personalized medicine: revealing the secrets of drug actions

Dr. Don Vinh: Another Medical Cold Case Cracked by the MUHC’s ‘Dr. House’

Dr. Nitika Pai et al launch new Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) Super Collection on Infectious Diseases on ScienceOpen

Can a smart app encourage HIV-self testing in Canada?

New cardiology textbook from Drs. Mark Eisenberg, Jonathan Afilalo and Jacqueline Joza

Nov. 2018
Dr. Olivier Beauchet:  Announcement of results of a clinical study unique in Canada on the effects of art on seniors

Dr. Don van Meyel:Can’t sleep? Fruit flies and energy drinks offer new clues

Drs. Michael Tsoukas, Errol Marlis and Robert Sladek:Cracking the genetic code of type 2 diabetes

Dr. Ines Colmegna: High-dose flu vaccine improves immune response in rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Emily G. McDonald honoured by the Women’s Y Foundation

Oct. 2018
Dr. Sasha Bernatsky: The Journey of a USBJI Young Investigator in Research

Dr. Peter Siegel: Existing cancer drugs could prove beneficial for more patients

Dr. Stéphane Rinfret: A world first in interventional cardiology at the MUHC: a jackhammer to heal the heart

Two awards for Dr. Robyn Tamblyn

Drs. Sylvia and Richard Cruess receive the 2018 Abraham Flexner Award for Distinguished Service to Medical Education

Dr. James Brophy among the 2018 Canadian Academy of Health Sciences New Fellows

Sept. 2018
Madhukar Pai invited to first-ever UN High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis

New study uncovers vast variation and significant deficits in tuberculosis care in urban India

Dr. Dao Nguyen: New means to fight ‘un-killable’ bacteria in healthcare settings

Dr. Richard Menzies: Complete make-over in fight of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Dr. John Bergeron: Maude Abbott: The Canadian scientist who deserved a Nobel prize








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