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Welcome to the Department of Medicine, the largest department in the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, clinically encompassing most of the non-surgical disciplines, and supporting a large, dynamic academic program of education and research. Our mission is excellence through leadership in our three domains: education, research and clinical care.

Our members are based at McGill’s major teaching hospitals - the McGill University Hospital Centre (MUHC) and the Jewish General Hospital (JGH). Members of the Department can also be found at St. Mary’s Hospital, the Douglas Hospital and on the McGill campus. With more than 450 full-time clinical and research faculty, the Department of Medicine is subdivided into 13 University Divisions. In addition, Department members can be found in eight hospital divisions that are exclusive to the MUHC, as well as in a number of specialized units and centres found at the MUHC, the JGH and across the campus. The full-time faculty is augmented by another 350 part-time, associate, emeritus and adjunct members.

The training of medical students and residents is central to our academic role. The Department of Medicine is a leader in education at all levels within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The Department is a major contributor to the undergraduate medical curriculum, though the Basis of Medicine and Introduction to Clinical Medicine components of the program. The Department is also responsible for a large number of residency training programs, in core internal medicine as well as in a large number of sub-specialties of medicine. Finally, through the Division of Experimental Medicine, more than 220 graduate students are supervised within the Department. In addition, members of the Department of Medicine are important contributors to the educational administration at the Faculty level itself and elsewhere in the medical school.

A hallmark of the Department is its commitment to research excellence. With more than $40 million in annual peer-reviewed grant support and more than $20 million in other research funding, the Department is highly research intensive. The Department boasts more than 90 full-time PhD faculty members who are involved in clinical, epidemiological, applied or basic research. A similar number of clinical faculty members are actively engaged in research, more than 80 of whom hold full-time faculty appointments. Numerous specialized research units and programs make their home in this Department, either solely, or in partnerships with sister Departments like Oncology, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health or Microbiology and Immunology.

As a leader in academic medicine, our educational and research missions support excellent and innovative clinical programs across our teaching hospitals. This website aims to summarize these activities and provide links that allow you to explore further. Enjoy your visit here and come back often.

Dr. Marc Rodger
Chair, McGill University Department of Medicine


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