2019 ARIA recipients

In 2019, 43 students from 18 departments and programs received Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards.

ARIA summer projects


“Canadian Sharia”
Daniel Chiu Castillo
Prof. Katherine Lemons, Anthropology

PDF icon Daniel Chiu Castillo

Art History and Communication Studies

“Slavery in the North: The Seasonality of Winter Escapes in Canadian Fugitive Slave Advertisements
Simone Cambridge
Prof. Charmaine A. Nelson, Art History

PDF icon Simone Cambridge

Computer Science

“Automatically Characterizing the Purpose of GitHub Repositories”
Jazlyn Hellman
Prof. Jin Guo, Computer Science

PDF icon Jazlyn Hellman

“Implementing and Improving OpalCare - an App for Personal Caregivers”
Sarah Randall
Prof. Laurie Hendren, Computer Science

PDF icon Sarah Randall

“Randomized Algorithms for Integer Signal Recovery”
Yingzi Xu
Prof. Xiao-Wen Chang, Computer Science

PDF icon Yingzi Xu

“Bandit Algorithms for Factorial Experiments”
Yutong Yan
Prof. Joelle Pineau, Computer Science

PDF icon Yutong Yan


“A Consideration of Canada's Role in World Climate Economy”
Naba Tahir
Prof. Robert Cairns, Economics

PDF icon Naba Tahir


Staging English-language Quebec drama
Hannah Cheslock
Prof. Erin Hurley, English

PDF icon Hannah Cheslock


“Canadian Smart Cities: Smart for all or only some?”
Arina Chatigny-Vincter
Prof. Renee Sieber, Geography

PDF icon Arina Chatigny-Vincter

“Comparing and Contrasting Place-Based Activity Patterns in Montreal and Toronto”
Morgan Guttman
Prof. Grant McKenzie, Geography

PDF icon Morgan Guttman

“Examining Colonial Legacies in New Cities in India”
Saeesh Mangwani
Prof. Sarah Moser, Geography

“Changes in Northern Canadian Communities Over the Past 50 Years”
Diwei Zhu
Prof. Brian Robinson, Geography

PDF icon Diwei Zhu


“Transnational Print Culture and Deviant Circulations”
Ariella Garmaise
Prof. Shanon Fitzpatrick, History

PDF icon Ariella Garmaise

“Money and Credit in France's North American Empire”
Michael Leger
Prof. Catherine Desbarats, History

PDF icon Michael Leger

“Gender, Genre and Lament in Roman Songs”
Meghan O'Donnell
Prof. Charles Gladhill, History

PDF icon Meghan O'Donnell


“Modal Indefinites: Portuguese 'algum' and 'qualquier'”
Erica Brandao
Prof. Luis Alonso-Ovalle, Linguistics

PDF icon Erica Brandao

“Testing Models in English Phonotactics”
Jiayi (Gemma) Huang
Prof. Timothy O'Donnell, Linguistics

PDF icon Jiayi (Gemma) Huang

“’Many’ and the Origins of Proportionality”
David Shanks
Prof. Benhard Schwarz, Linguistics

PDF icon David Shanks

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Nathan Drezner
Prof. Andrew Piper, LLCU

PDF icon Nathan Drezner


“Comparison of Bayesian Additive Regression Trees and Random Forests”
Hytham Farah
Prof. Russell Steele, Math

PDF icon Hytham Farah

“Sofic and Symmetric Group”
Yahui (Amy) Wang
Prof. Mikael Pichot, Math

PDF icon Yahui (Amy) Wang


“Psychosis and the City: An experience sampling study of psychotic symptoms in daily life”
Fjolla Berisha
Prof. Ian Gold, Philosophy

PDF icon Fjolla Berisha

“Charles Babbage's Work on Mathematical Notations”
Jonah Dutz
Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy

PDF icon Jonah Dutz

Political Science

“International Support to Civilian Self-Protection”
Suraiya Foss-Phillips
Prof. Jennifer Welsh, Political Science

PDF icon Suraiya Foss-Phillips

“Violence without Rebellion: Social reclassification, grassroots policing and the Great Leap Forward in China”
Yanran Li
Prof. Juan Wang, Political Science

PDF icon Yanran Li

“India's Quest for Global Status”
Apoorva Malepati
Prof. T.V. Paul, Political Science

“Corruption Under Left Turn Governments in Latin America”
Salvatore Francesco Solimano Leiva
Prof. Manuel Balan, Political Science

PDF icon Salvatore Francesco Solimano Leiva


“Consolidation of Human Motor Memory”
Megan Baran-Goldwax
Prof. David Ostry, Psychology

“Attractiveness Devaluation: The role of executive control and relationship motivation in the face of salient relationship”
Marlee Brownstein
Prof. John E. Lydon, Psychology

“Network Analysis on Bilingual Interactional Contexts and Lexical Interconnectedness”
Ruo Ying Feng
Prof. Debra Titone, Psychology

PDF icon Ruo Ying Feng

“Screening for Anxiety Disorders Among Patients With a Bipolar Disorder”
Seon Quinta
Prof. Outi Mantere, Psychology

PDF icon Seon Quinta

“A Study of the Neutral Circuit Mechanisms Underlying Behavioural Inhibition”
Alexander Stoljar Gold
Prof. Jonathan Britt, Psychology

PDF icon Alexander Stoljar Gold


“Calcium Imaging of Lateral Septum Cells During Interactions in Mice”
Brian Liu
Prof. Sylvain Williams, Psychiatry

PDF icon Brian Liu

“The Influence of Sexual Arousal on Emotion Perception”
Jean Nahas
Prof. Samuel Paul Louis Veissiere, Psychiatry

PDF icon Jean Nahas

School of Religious Studies

“Ethnocultural and Religious Diversity in a Secular Society”
Kathleen Grantham
Prof. Daniel Cere, School of Religious Studies

PDF icon Kathleen Grantham

“Braiding Ropes of Sand: Gospel Literature and the Making of Christian Diversity”
Sara Merker
Prof. Heidi Wendt, School of Religious Studies

PDF icon Sara Merker

“Parochializing the Metropole: Religious Space and Urban Development in Industrializing Montreal, c 1850- 1950”
Joshua Werber
Prof. Samuel Nelson, School of Religious Studies

PDF icon Joshua Werber


“Does Democracy Pay? Determinants of Organizational Effectiveness in Labour Unions”
Catharina O'Donnell
Prof. Barry Eidlin, Sociology

PDF icon Catharina O'Donnell

“Identifying the Structural Barriers in Rural America”
Zoey Richards
Prof. Shelley Clark, Sociology

PDF icon Zoey Richards

“Violence in Pornography: Myths and Facts”
Annie Shiau
Prof. Eran Shor, Sociology

PDF icon Annie Shiau

Social Work

“Promoting Brain health and Resilience in Social Work Students: Implementation and evaluation of a smartphone application”
Maude Brunelle Tremblay
Prof. Katherine Maurer, Social Work

PDF icon Maude Brunelle Tremblay

Visual Arts Collection

“A Protocol for the Cataloguing and Display of Works of Arts by Indigenous Artists”
Madeline Holton
Gwendolyn Owens, Director, McGill Visual Arts Collection

PDF icon Madeline Holton

“Expanding the Manuscript of a Sourcebook on Gordon Matta-Clark”
Abigail Luddy Dunn
Gwendolyn Owens, Director, McGill Visual Arts Collection

PDF icon Abigail Luddy Dunn


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