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Admission decisions are based on your academic record.  Additional documents (such as recommendation letters, personal statements and portfolios) are not considered in the admission review and should ONLY be submitted if one of the following applies:

You have applied to a program that requires additional supporting documents:

If applying to one of the following programs, you must submit additional supporting documents.  Documents should be uploaded unless otherwise specified.


- You must submit a portfolio of your work to McGill University by March 7.

Portfolio instructions:

  • Must be in 8-1/2" x 11" or A4 format, bound (maximum 1" thick), and submitted in an envelope marked "ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO".
  • Must include a minimum of ten (10) good quality photocopies or photographs of your original work, representing your creative and design skills.
  • Work appropriate to the portfolio might include, but is not limited to: freehand drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, computer graphics, technical drawings and model-making. Include work done in a variety of media.
  • Do not submit originals, rolled work, photographic slides, audio or video tapes, CDs or DVDs, or work in plastic sleeves.
  • Must include a detailed list of the contents, indicating the size of each work and the medium used.
  • Must be submitted by mail to Enrolment Services (see address).
  • If you are sending your portfolio from outside Canada, please indicate that the portfolio has "no commercial value" on the outside packaging. Otherwise, customs clearance charges may delay receipt.
  • If you want your portfolio returned, you must enclose a self-addressed envelope with sufficient Canadian postage (or international postal reply coupons). Portfolios will be returned after September 30.

If you have previously studied in an architecture or design program, your portfolio should include design studio work. In addition, a letter of reference is required from the head of your department.


- Applicants to all Bachelor of Education programs except Physical Education are required to upload a letter of intent. This document is mandatory and must follow the guidelines indicated on the Faculty of Education’s website in letter of intent [pdf]. This document must be provided by the supporting document submission deadline as indicated  for your applicant type.

NOTE: Special, Visiting, and Exchange applicants are exempted from this requirement.

- Applicants to the English Second Language (TESL) program are required to pass an English language proficiency test. Following a successful initial review of your application you will be contacted to make testing arrangements. If you live outside the Montreal area, you may complete the test through correspondence.

NOTE: The language proficiency test must be completed before an admission decision can be made.

- Mature applicants to any Education program whose applications pass initial review will be contacted for an interview.


Additional supporting documents and an audition are required.  Please consult the Schulich School of Music website.

Nursing - Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated)

- Applicants to the Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated) are required to complete a mandatory online assessment called CASPer, as a component of the selection process.

- For test dates and more detailed information on the test, please consult the Ingram School of Nursing website.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

- Applicants to all Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation (Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy) are required to complete a mandatory online assessment called CASPer, as a component of the selection process.

- For test dates and more detailed information on the test, please consult the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy website.

Religious Studies

Additional supporting documents are required.  Please consult the School of Religious Studies website.

Social Work

The School of Social Work supports diversity and encourages applications from a wide variety of people, including members of minority groups and individuals with low income.

If applying to the School of Social Work, you must submit:

1) A single PDF document (uploaded on Minerva under the checklist item "Social Work Written Submission"), which includes the following:

  • A resumé describing voluntary and paid work experience, including dates (month and year), occupation and responsibility, name of supervisor, and address of the firm or agency.
  • A statement, written in two parts (not more than 500 words each part) in which you (1) describe your interest in social work and its development and (2) analyze an important social issue and how you think social work might respond to this issue.


2) Two social work related confidential letters of recommendation. Letters of reference must be submitted in sealed envelopes, signed across the flap by the author of the letter. Whenever possible, letters should be typed on letterhead stationery.

NOTE: Continuing Studies, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Law, Medicine and Summer Studies have their own admissions offices and also require the submission of additional supporting documents.  Please consult the relevant admission website for details.

You are claiming Extenuating Circumstances:

In the rare event that extenuating circumstances have had a negative impact on your academic performance, you have an opportunity to report on these when you submit your application. Note that this is likely to delay your admission decision somewhat. Extenuating circumstances may include: significant medical, personal or learning difficulties encountered, the death or grave illness of someone close to you, a family move during the school year or involvement in training for high-level athletics or performing arts.  If you wish to report Extenuating Circumstances, you must:

1) Check "yes" for Extenuating Circumstances on your application form (in the Additional Information section).
2) Upload your own descriptive statement (maximum two pages) describing the nature and chronology of the circumstances, their impact on your academic record and your readiness to undertake university study.
3) Upload documentation to substantiate your statement; such as, a letter or summary from a physician, school counsellor, psychologist, trainer or social worker, or a death certificate (maximum two pages). Please do not send multi-page reports at the time of application. Should further details be needed, these will be requested from you at a later date.

The additional information you provide will be taken into consideration along with your academic record.  Please bear in mind that admission to McGill is highly competitive for all, including applicants claiming extenuating circumstances.

You are required to submit proof of English proficiency:

All applicants (unless exempt) must demonstrate the required level of English proficiency prior to admission to McGill, regardless of citizenship status or country of origin. Consult Proof of English Proficiency for exemptions, accepted certificates/exams and submission instructions.

You have applied for Major Scholarship or Financial Aid:

You will need to submit a separate applications (via Minerva) and submit additional supporting documents to be considered for Major Scholarship.  Consult Scholarships and Student Aid.


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