Submit documents and next steps

I’ve submitted my application, now what?

  1. Track your application status on Minerva
    Throughout the application process, McGill will communicate with you through Minerva.  We do not send paper or email reminders about outstanding items to complete your file.  Therefore, checking your Minerva account regularly is important.  It is your responsibility to verify your status on Minerva and ensure the completion of your application.  Consult this section for information on how to login and navigate the Applicant Menu in Minerva.

Don't know what your application status means? Consult our admission terminology.

Need to make a change? If you've submitted an application but need to make a change, go to modify my application.

  1. Submit your supporting documents
    It is in the interest of all applicants to complete their files as quickly as possible. When program space is limited, preference may be given to applicants who have provided all required supporting documents earlier on. Should a program reach its capacity prior to the deadline for submission of documents, incomplete applications may be cancelled.

    Important note to applicants and guidance counsellors when supporting documents are required:

    Please do not send any documents to McGill until after the application has been submitted and the student has received their 9-digit McGill ID number. Documents received at McGill before an application has been received can significantly delay or even prevent an admission decision.

  2. Arrange for external test results to be sent to McGill (if applicable)

  3. Apply for scholarships and/or financial aid

  4. Find out when you can expect a decision


Type your short question in everyday language and receive a response and/or links to additional information. 

If you need to speak with a McGill representative, Service Point can help. Be sure to check out Service Pointers – their helpful tips on applying to McGill!