Require Urgent Care?

Call 911 or view our resource list. 

Students with cold and flu-like symptoms should connect with virtual care through Dialogue or Maple before making an appointment for on-campus care.  Getting vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19 is the best way to protect yourself and our community. Vaccination is safe and free for everyone.


Animal Therapy

Student Wellness Hub Animal Therapy (SWHAT)

The Student Wellness Hub Animal Therapy, (SWHAT) initiative seeks to bring stress relief, joy, and companionship with furry friends and their handlers. There are many ways to get involved with the Animal Therapy program both at McGill and in the Montreal community. 

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Programming Sign-Up For McGill Students

Feeling stressed—looking for break?  Welcome to Student Wellness Hub Animal Therapy program. Our teams—humans, their devoted dogs, and Hub Peer Supporters are here to help. 

McGill students can visit us at the Healthy Living Annex located in the Brown Building, Room 3100 on Mondays and Thursdays 1:00 PM -2:30 PM.

Visit myInvolvement to register for the next Animal Therapy event!

Request An Animal Therapy Visit Within McGill

Community Outreach

SWHAT Community Service

Looking for animal therapy in the Montreal community? In addition to our work at McGill, our teams visit Montreal senior residences, addiction rehab programs, drop-in centers for the homeless, palliative care units, CEGEPs, or wherever there is a need.

Contact: rhonda.amsel [at] (subject: SWHAT%20Community%20Service) (Rhonda Amsel) or s.bochner [at] (subject: SWAH%20Community%20Service) (Sally Bochner)

women with dog in hospital setting
photo by Liz Read

SWHAT Reading Paws:

An innovative and fun program organized in collaboration with Montreal libraries and schools. Offered throughout the year, our teams provide a relaxed, non-judgmental environment where children can practice and improve their reading skills by reading to a certified therapy dog.

We also visit classrooms for students with special needs.

Contact rhonda.amsel [at] (subject: Reading%20Paws) (Rhonda Amsel)

dog and child reading

White dog

french bulldog

golden retriever

brown dog

sheep dog

small dog

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