Jaswant Guzder, MD

Jaswant Guzder, MD

Dr. Jaswant Guzder is a Professor in the McGill Department of Psychiatry, Head of Child Psychiatry and Director of Childhood Disorders Day Hospital at the Jewish General Hospital, Senior Consultant and Former Co-Director of Jewish General Hospital Cultural Consultation Service and Associate to McGill Faculty of Social Work. She is also a psychoanalyst and supervisor for the Art Therapy Masters Program at Concordia University. Dr. Guzder worked in Mumbai, India form 1980 to 1984. Her child and family practice in Montreal is multicultural. She has projects in Mumbai India and in Jamaica with graduate students working with South Asian and Caribbean populations. Her current research projects are collaborations with:

  • Dr. Zelkowitz, P., and Rosemary Short: Bell Transitional Team: Follow-up of Day Hospital Children post-discharge.
  • Dr. Fred Hickling, Dr. Hilary Hickling and Dr. Duncan Pederson: Grand Challenges Grant (October 2013): Dream a World Child Intervention and Community Engagement Project in high risk Jamaican populations
  • The Culture and Mental Health Research Unit: consultation role

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Selected Book Chapter

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