G. Eric Jarvis, MD

Dr. G. Eric JarvisG. Eric Jarvis, MD, MSc, is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University and Director of the Cultural Consultation Service, the First Episode Psychosis Program, and the Culture and Psychosis Working Group at the Jewish General Hospital. He is Editor-in-Chief of Transcultural Psychiatry. His research interests include the cultural adaptation of services for early psychosis, cultural consultation, linguistic barriers in mental health care, and religion and mental health.

Dr. Jarvis is open to the supervision of students (residents or medical students, graduate students, visiting scholars and volunteer researchers) with interest in cultural consultation, culture and psychosis, and cultural adaptation of services.

eric.jarvis1 [at] mcgill.ca (Email) | Website

Recent Articles

M Mezzatesta, L Miquel, GE Jarvis. (2022). Gender-based violence among refugee women referred to a Cultural Consultation Service in Montreal. Transcultural Psychiatry. 59(2): 202-213.

Knight, S, Jarvis, GE, Ryder, AG, Lashley, M, & Rousseau, C. (2022). Ethnoracial Differences in Coercive Referral and Intervention Among Patients with First-Episode Psychosis. Psychiatric Services. 73(1): 2-8.

Kirmayer, LJ, Andermann, L, Fung, K, Guzder, J, & Jarvis, GE. (2022). The Importance of Religion and Spirituality in Cultural Psychiatry: Reply to Drs. Persad and Oyuwemi. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 67(8): 661.

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Jarvis GE. (2017). Negotiating differences of culture and language in the hospital setting. Annales Médico-Psychologiques, 175: 567-572.

Publications in collective works and book chapters

LJ Kirmayer, GE Jarvis, A Gómez-Carrillo. (2022). Depression Across Cultures: An Ecosocial Approach. CB Nemeroff, AF Schatzberg, N Rasgon, SM Strakowksi. Textbook of Mood Disorders. Second Edition. American Psychiatric Association Publishing, United States.

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Oxford University Press, United Kingdom.

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Guest Speaker Presentations

Jarvis, GE. The Turner Diaries, white lies, and a genealogy of hate. Advanced Study Institute Workshop, Montreal, Canada. Conference Date: 2022/06

Jarvis, GE. (2021 & 2022). The history of psychiatry. McGill University Diploma Course, Feb 1 22.

Jarvis, GE. (2021 & 2022). Social and transcultural psychiatry. McGill University Diploma Course, Feb 8 22.

Jarvis, GE. (2021&2022). Religion and Mental Health. McGill University Diploma Course.

Jarvis, GE. (2021& 2022). Cultural Formulation. McGill University Diploma Course.

Jarvis, GE. (2022). CFI origins and implementation: A discussion. A lecture delivered to the Cultural Consultation team at Duke University on January 12, 2022.

Jarvis, G.E. (2021). Exposure to war, violence and shootings and the impact of migration. Podcast, Finding Our Voice: Fresh Perspectives in Psychiatry, on December 21, 2021.

Jarvis, G.E. (2021). Countering racism in psychiatry. Annual Departmental Day, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, Nov 18 21.

Jarvis, G.E. (2021). Prone to schizophrenia? Evolving British concepts of Blacks with psychosis. Jewish General Hospital Department of Psychiatry Academic Grand Rounds, Oct 2 21.

Jarvis, GE. (2021). Overview of first episode psychosis (FEP). McGill University Diploma Course, Oct 12 21.

Jarvis, GE & Miklavcic A. (2022). La Clinique PPEP Hôpital Général Juif de Montreal. Lecture given at the AQPEP workshop on March 17, 2022 called Pluralités identitaires et culturelles : enjeux et défis pour les PEP.

Jarvis, GE. (2021 & 2022). A very brief history of psychiatry. McGill University Diploma Course, Aug 11 21.

Jarvis, GE. (2021 & 2022). Working with diversity. McGill University Diploma Course, Aug 11 21.

Jarvis GE. Polarization of migration discourse in Europe and North America. ERSA, Online, Conference Date: 2021/8

Jarvis, G.E. (2021 & 2022). Culture, Mental Health and Psychotherapy. Psychology Teaching Seminar Series, McGill University Health Center.

Jarvis, GE. (2021). Changing British psychiatric perception of Africans with psychosis, 1862-2021. ASI workshop, Montreal, Canada. Conference Date: Jun 14 21.

Jarvis, G.E. (2021 & 2022). Psychoses in the context of culture. Annual Summer Program of the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University, Canada, May 13, 2021

Jarvis, GE. (2021). Racism in medicine and mental health practice. CIME conference, Montreal, Canada. Conference Date March 20, 2021.

Jarvis, GE. (2021). Historical Racism in American Psychiatry and Medicine. Lecture given to the Jefferson Psychiatry Society on January 26, 2021.

Jarvis, G.E. (2021). Coercion in Black Psychiatry Patients. Jewish General Hospital Research Rounds on January 13, 2021.

Jarvis, GE. (2020). Cultural psychiatry. Podcast. PsychEd, September 8, 2020.

Jarvis, GE. Mental Health Disparities in Psychiatry and what to do about them. Lecture given at the Jewish General Hospital Academic Grand Rounds on September 5, 2019.

2019, Jarvis, GE. Cultural consultation with refugees. Jewish General Hospital Department of Psychiatry Research Day, Montreal, Canada.

2019, Jarvis, GE. Racism and Radicalization in an Age of Mass Migration. CMHRU, Montreal, Canada.

2018, Jarvis, GE. Cultural Competency/Safety. McGill Medical School, Montreal, Canada.

2018, Jarvis, GE, Matlin, A, & Castro A. Parents with First Episode Psychosis. Jewish General Hospital Clinical Grand Rounds, Montreal, Canada.

2018, Jarvis, GE. Cultural Competency in Psychiatric Care. Friends for Mental Health, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2018, Kirmayer LJ, Jarvis GE & Gomez-Carillo A. Cultural Safety and Competence in Mental Health. AMI Quebec, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Jarvis GE. Mental Health of Immigrants and Refugees: A General Approach in Primary Care. ISTM International Conference on Migration Health, Rome, Italy. Conference Date: 2018/10

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Jarvis GE. (2017). Mental Health Disparities in Psychiatric Patients of Diverse Backgrounds. Douglas Institute Seminar Series, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Oral or Poster Presentations

Miklavcic A, Elguezebal ME, Tran SS, Jarvis GE. Clinician Responses to Language Barriers in an Emergency Psychiatry Department. SSPC, Conference Date: 2022/4

Virani S, Pereira-Sanchez V, Mdawar B, El-Halabi S, Jarvis GE. Our identities as psychiatrists: subspecialty and role diversity in cultural contexts. SSPC, Conference Date: 2022/4

Jarvis GE, Andermann L, Feng K. Kassam A, Guzder, J. Resolving Challenging Cases in Transcultural Psychiatry. Canadian Psychiatric Association, Conference Date: 2021/10

GE Jarvis, Stéphanie Larchanché, Gabriela Nagy, Laurence J Kirmayer. Bridging Differences: A Three-site Comparison of Cultural Consultation. SSPC, Conference Date: 2021/4

GE Jarvis, Laurence J Kirmayer. Situating Mental Disorders in Cultural Frames. SSPC, Conference Date: 2020/10

G.E. Jarvis, MD. Family Dilemmas in Cross Cultural Assessment. Canadian Psychiatric Association, Conference Date: 2020/10

GE Jarvis, Lisa Andermann, Kenneth Fung, Azaad Kassam, Jaswant Guzder. Clinical Application of the CFI. SSPC, Conference Date: 2020/9

Jarvis GE, Leblanc, M-N. Spiritual/religious representations in transcultural psychiatric consultation. World Psychiatric Association: International Congress in Spirituality and Psychiatry, Jerusalem, Israel, Conference Date: 2019/12

Jarvis GE. The Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI). CPA, Quebec City, Canada, Conference Date: 2019/9

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Jarvis GE, Whitely R. Cultures of Atheism: Implications for Mental Health. SSPC, Toronto, Canada, Conference Date: 2019/4, Abstract

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