Eric Latimer, PhD

Dr Latimer is Research Scientist at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry.  A health economist, his research interests focus on community-based supports for people with severe mental illness, particularly their economic aspects. He has also conducted research on the use of antipsychotic medications in Québec.  He has been lead investigator for the Montreal site, and lead economist nationally, of the $110 million Chez Soi / At Home research and demonstration study on homelessness and mental illness, which tested the Housing First approach using nine concurrent trials in five Canadian cities.   Currently he is also leading a CIHR-funded study that is implementing and evaluating the strengths model of case management in several sites in Ontario and Québec.  He has served as consultant to the Québec government as well as research teams in Europe and North America, and is an associate researcher of Québec’s Centre national d’excellence en santé mentale. He is an associate editor of the Canadian journal, Healthcare Policy, and a fellow of the Québec research group CIRANO.  He teaches economic evaluation in the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health at McGill University. 

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Selected Articles

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