Ashley Wazana, MD

Dr. Ashley Wazana (Child Psychiatrist)

Ashley Wazana, an Assistant Professor at McGill University, is a clinician-scientist with a clinical appointment at the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) and research cross appointments at the JGH and the Douglas Institute in Montreal. He currently works as a child psychiatrist at, having worked for more than two years on the inpatient ward at the Montreal Children's Hospital. He has also worked since 2001 as a regular consultant in the underserved community of Val d'Or. He has a double Master's of Science (McGill, MSc in Psychiatry, and Columbia, MSc in Epidemiology) and his research collaborations have included projects in New York, Paris and now Finland. He currently holds the 2009 McGill Chair of Psychiatry's Early Career Researcher Award. His research activities include:

  1. the early manifestations of psychopathology, the modulation of prenatal risk by genotype and parent-child interactions as well as the validation of research and clinical instruments of child psychopathology;
  2. the health of children with precarious immigration status;
  3. the relations between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. He is currently the Principal Investigator along with Klaus Minde, for the Psychiatric outcome module of Michael Meaney's Maternal Adversity, Vulnerability and Neurodevelopment (MAVAN) cohort.

ashley.wazana [at] (Email) | Website

Selected Articles

Pitrou, I., Shojaei-Brosseau, T., Wazana, A., Gilbert, F., & Kovess, V. (2010). The associations between headaches and psychopathology. A survey in school children. Headache, 50(10), 1537-1548.

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Shojaei-Brosseau, T., Wazana, A., Pitrou, I., Gilbert, F., Bergeron, L., Valla, J. P., & Kovess, V. (2009). Psychometric properties of the Dominic Interactive in a large French sample. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 54(11), 767-776.

Shojaei-Brosseau, T., Wazana, A., Kovess, V. (2009). The strengths and difficulties questionnaire: French results and cross-cultural comparison. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 44, 740-747. 

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