Jai Shah, MD

Jai Shah is a psychiatrist and researcher at the Program for Prevention and Early Intervention in Psychosis (PEPP-Montréal) at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and McGill University.  His interests are in clinical care for patients in the early phases of psychotic illness (including at-risk populations), the design and delivery of mental health services and early intervention strategies, and research examining the interface of neurobiological and social/environmental factors in psychosis, including the role of social stress in psychosis.  He was trained as Fellow in Public Psychiatry at Yale University, following a Dupont-Warren Research Fellowship and psychiatry residency at Harvard Medical School, an MD at the University of Toronto, and graduate work in health and social policy at the London School of Economics where he was a Commonwealth Scholar.  He has additional background in research policy (at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research) and ethics (at the Nuffield Council on Bioethics).

Selected Articles

Keshavan, M.S., & Shah, J.L. (2013).  Violence and mental illness.  Asian J Psychiatr 6(1): 1-2.

Srihari, V.H., Shah, J., & Keshavan, M.S. (2012).  Is early intervention for psychosis feasible and effective?  Psychiatr Clin North Am 35: 613-631.

Shah, J.L., Meyer, F.L., Mufson, M.J., Escobar, J.I., & Goisman, R.M. (2012).  Catatonia, conversion, culture: An acute presentation.  Harv Rev Psychiatry 20(3): 160-169.

Shah, J., Mizrahi, R., & McKenzie, K. (2011).  The four dimensions: A model for the social aetiology of psychosis.  Br J Psychiatry 199: 11-14.

Shah, J. (2004).  Criteria influencing the clinical uptake of pharmacogenomic strategies.  BMJ 328(7454): 1482-1486.

Shah, J. (2003).  Economic and regulatory considerations in pharmacogenomics for drug licensing and healthcare.  Nature Biotechnol 21(7): 747-753.

Selected Book Chapter

Shah, J. (2008).  “What are metaphors for?”  In Caulfield S and Caulfield T (eds.), Imagining Science: Art, Science, and Social Change.  Edmonton: University of Alberta Press.

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