Danielle Groleau, PhD

 Dr Groleau is Associate Professor and senior investigator at the Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry at the Jewish General Hospital. Dr Groleau is an anthropologist and received her PhD in Public Health from the Université de Montréal and postdoctoral training in Transcultural Psychiatry at McGill University. She specializes in qualitative research to study social determinants of health that have implications for public health programming and health policy. Her current research interests are:

  • social and cultural determinants of reproductive health (breastfeeding, female genital mutilation, hypermesis gravidarum)
  • qualitative methodologies & qualitative evaluation of policy and health services ( logic analysis, process analysis, implementation analysis)
  • mental health benefits of Expressive Writing interventions in school settings

Dr Groleau can supervise trainees and graduate students from psychiatry, family medicine, , social sciences, humanities, public health and medicine.

danielle.groleau [at] mcgill.ca (email) website

Selected Articles

(in press) Groleau, D.  D’souza, NA, Bélanger E.. Integrating the Illness Meaning and Experience of Patients: the McGill Illness Narrative Interview Schedule as a PCM Clinical Communication Tool. International Journal of Person Centered Medicine.  

2014 Kirmayer, LJ. Groleau, D., Rousseau,C. Development and évaluation of the cultural consultation service. In Kirmayer, L.J., Rousseau,C. Guzder,J. (eds) Cultural Consultation: Encountering the other in mental health care., pp.21-46 New York : Springer SBM Publications.

2013 Groleau, D., Sigouin C,  NA D’Souza, Power to negotiate spatial barriers to breastfeeding in a western context: When motherhood meets poverty. Health & Place. (published online)

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