SP0275: Action X Design

Status: In Progress  May 2021 -  


Establishing long-term pathways for the McGill community (students, staff, faculty) to lead dynamic equity based learning experiences with youth in local marginalized communities.

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With NSERC PromoScience funding, the Faculty has been working in the Kahnawake community (Kahnawake Surival School) for the last four years, creating short-term youth engaging projects in collaboration with teachers and school administration.

Now, with new one-year support from NSERC funding, we are launching a pilot project we developed, called Action xDesign. It is a multi-part approach to STEM education inspired by the engineering design cycle that interlaces holistic approaches (inspired by traditional Indigenous ways of knowing) with Western science. Centred around this 10 week project (November-March), youth will engage with the engineering design cycle through frameworks that build their capacity to create positive change in local environments. The project greatly expands our partnership with the Kahnawake community, and will include Beurling Academy (Verdun) as a new partner. The project integrates with and enhances Science Fair curriculum at both schools. We are applying now to SPF because of the unique opportunity to add an impactful dimension to our Action xDesign pilot design. Focused resources will help us deepen McGill students’ opportunities that include leadership, contribution, and learning.

1. Student Coordinator: through this new paid position, a McGill student will join the leadership team and participate in important decision making that shapes the growth and development of the Action xDesign program while gaining mentoring from skilled Faculty staff.

2. Guest Lesturers: As part of the 10 week Action xDesign program, McGill student groups will participate in developing presentations and teaching practices as Guest Lecturers in high school classrooms. Supported by skilled senior staff and the Student Coordinator, Guest Lesturers will be encouraged to mobilize their passions, skills, and mission of their respective groups.

3. Tutoring Program: A newly envisioned complemetary project, an online tutoring program will run parallel to the Action xDesign program and support marginalized youth to succeed with one-to-one support for their Science Fair projects. The role of Tutoring Coordinator will be a McGill student paid position that will lead the implementation of this part of the project. The turoting model is based on Branches community outreach programs.

4. Communication:. The role of Communications Coordinator will be the final McGill student position. As a member of the project team, they will use their various skills to contribute to our stragegy and craft narratives across multiple platforms and media that shares the success of the project in invites the McGill community to celebrate
with us.

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