SP0254: Online Redpath Museum

Status: APPROVED July 2020 - 


This project addresses the immediate need to completely transfer museum's science and culture public education program, both for the university and the larger community, to the virtual platform.

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To viably continue our public program at the Museum we need seed funding to transfer and build up many of the high quality content and experiences from the Museums public programs to the online learning platform. Never before has there been such an urgent need to quickly create and deliver effective and relevant online learning for a wide audience. For the short term, until the end of June 2020, our education team has outlined a 3- phase strategy to deliver a weekly suite of online educational resources, including livestream learning and prerecorded video and
photo content. 

This proposal to SPF scopes out immediate needs for the summer of 2020 which will have impact for the larger McGill learning community in Fall 2020. All the virtual components that are created this summer will grow and be preserved as a necessary aspect of our Museum’s educational outreach for many years to come. Since mid-March 2020 we have received many inquiries requesting access to distance learning content such as podcasts, webcasts,activity sheets, ppts, e-resources, craft templates etc. for a diversity of audiences, ranging from stay at home
highschool teachers, to Cegep instructors and McGill parents.

We want our McGill students, our McGill families, and our adult audience to continue to visit us digitally and discover new ways of being a learning community together. It seems like McGill now is a virtual community where we are truly at home together: we eat, work, play and learn together.

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