SP0246: Green Wall Rejuvenation

Status: ONGOING April 2020 - 


Rejuvenation project on a green wall originally installed in 2013, now in need of deep cleaning and new plants.

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Our green wall was installed in 2013. Now, it's 7 years later and it really needs work. We've always taken good care of it, but now it needs a deep cleaning (we don't have the tools to do this) and it needs new plants. We have a team of people who take care of it and everyone does a good job. We've done really well over the years, but at this point, it needs rejuvenation and we just don't have the tools or money to do this. We've used our own money over the year to buy cleaning products and plants. We received a quote from Planterra (the maker of our green wall) and it will cost us 275$ in labour as well as 576$ in plants, plus tax, plus extra for future maintenance. We love our green wall and we want to keep it going in order to continue to inspire others to green up their work spaces and just make our "indoor world" that much better.

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