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McGill Office of Sustainability

About the McGill Office of Sustainability

Established in 2010, the McGill Office of Sustainability embeds climate action and sustainability into all of the University’s activities. It engages, supports, and connects students, staff, and faculty by providing strategic guidance and resources to foster a sustainable community. 

The Office of Sustainability stewards the Sustainability Projects Fund, oversees the implementation of the McGill University Climate & Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025, and facilitates a variety of sustainability engagement programs for students, staff, and faculty members, including:

Office of Sustainability Staff

Francois, a white man in a blue and white checkered shirt, smiles for the cameraFrancois Miller, Executive Director

Francois (he/him) leads McGill on its path to become a leader in sustainability by supporting internal and external partnerships and overseeing the implementation of McGill’s Climate and Sustainability Strategy.

francois.miller [at] mcgill.ca (Email Francois Miller) 

Shona, a white woman with brown hair, smiles as she poses for the cameraShona Watt, Associate Director

Shona (she/her) manages the operations and engagement portfolio, including the Sustainability Projects Fund, engagement programs, and communications. She brings McGillians together to catalyze a culture of sustainability.

shona.watt [at] mcgill.ca (Email Shona Watt)

Krista, a white woman with shoulder length brown hair, smiles for the cameraKrista Houser, Associate Director

Krista (she/her) manages the Office of Sustainability’s strategy and governance portfolio, including the University’s Climate & Sustainability Strategy, climate-related initiatives, as well as monitoring and reporting activities.

krista.watt [at] mcgill.ca (Email Krista Houser)

Karen, a white woman with shoulder length grey hair, smiles for the cameraKaren Oberer, Sustainability Officer

Karen (she/her) monitors and reports on McGill's sustainability advancements by working with partners from across the University, directly contributing to McGill's long-term target of attaining a Platinum sustainability rating.

karen.oberer [at] mcgill.ca (Email Karen Oberer) 

Divya, a young woman, smiles for the camera.Divya Sharma, Climate & Biodiversity Officer

Divya (she/her) supports McGill on its path to carbon neutrality by 2040 through various climate action projects on campus, including producing the University’s annual greenhouse gas inventory with Utilities & Energy Management. She also coordinates the implementation of McGill's biodiversity plan.

                                    divya.sharma2 [at] mcgill.ca (Email Divya Sharma)

Jessica Latus, Sustainability Officer

Jessica (she/her) oversees the implementation of the Climate & Sustainability Strategy and coordinates projects that contribute to integrating sustainability in the curriculum and McGill’s long-term target to become zero-waste by 2035.

jessica.latus [at] mcgill.ca (Email Jessica Latus)

Megan, a young white woman with light brown hair, smiles of the camera.Megan Toth, Sustainability Officer

Megan (she/her) administers the Sustainability Projects Fund and manages engagement programs, such as the Sustainable Events Certification, Sustainability Ambassadors Program, and MOOS's workshop series. 

megan.toth [at] mcgill.ca (Email Megan Toth)

Kimberly, a Black woman with shoulder length hair, stands outside in front of trees under an overcast sky.Kimberly John, Sustainability Officer

Kimberly works with students, faculty, and staff to integrate environmentally responsible practices in laboratories at McGill, and to develop a certification program for sustainable laboratories. 

kimberly.john [at] mcgill.ca (Email Kimberly John) 

Peter, a white man with brown hair and a beard, poses in front of trees.Peter Garber, Sustainability Officer

Peter (he/him) organizes sustainability outreach activities for McGill students, staff, and faculty. He plans events, implements programs, and engages with student groups to promote sustainability initiatives that lead to lasting change.  

peter.garber [at] mcgill.ca (Email Peter Garber)

Barbi smiles for the camera.Barbara (Barbi) Zsigovics, Administrative Assistant 

Barbi performs a variety of administrative and clerical tasks, assisting in the day-to-day office needs of the Office of Sustainability. She provides technical and logistical support, ensuring effective and successful sustainable initiatives. 

sustainability [at] mcgill.ca (Email Barbi Zsigovics)

Annette Archaeni, Graphic Design Intern

Annette assists the Office of Sustainability's communications team by creating engaging visuals to promote sustainable practices and initiatives happening on campus. Additionally, she supports other members of the MOOS team by turning their ideas into illustrations that help bring their projects to life.

Strategy, Intern, McGill's Office of SustainabilityLauren Hill, Climate and Sustainability Strategy Intern

Lauren (she/her) is an Environment and Development student who works alongside staff to help develop McGill’s Climate and Sustainability Strategy for 2025-2030. She plans consultation and engagement events to further the progress of the climate strategy, along with other tasks contributing to a sustainable future at McGill.

Océane François-Saint-Cyr, Social Media Intern

Océane (she/they) is a Life Sciences student who works on the Office of Sustainability’s communications team to create content that highlights sustainable projects and initiatives happening on campus. They work together with other McGill groups to raise awareness, share knowledge, and encourage students, staff, and faculty to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives.

 Strategy, Intern, McGill's Office of SustainabilityAlexandra Nitu, Climate and Sustainability Strategy Intern

Alexandra (she/her) is a Management in Sustainability major, minoring in Political Science. Acting as a Climate and Sustainability Strategy intern, she is passionate about the power of interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing and community-building in tackling systematic issues. 

 Joseph Liang, Sustainable Events Intern

Joseph is a Violin Performance and Sociology student who organizes the Sustainable Events Certification Program. He is responsible for supporting event planners in making their events more sustainable, conducting outreach on behalf of the certification program, and working with Sustainable Events Ambassadors to sustainably certify events. He wants to provide the resources needed to make sustainable and inclusive event planning easy for event planners on campus.

Vibhor Saoji, Sustainable Labs Intern

Vibhor is a graduate student in Environmental Engineering who supports the implementation of emerging sustainable lab strategies, such as the Sustainable Labs Certification program and McGill's participation in the International Freezer Challenge.

Rosalie Joly Simard, Bike Engagement Intern

Rosalie is a Master’s student in the School of Urban Planning. Her work with the Office of Sustainability includes fostering a strong biking culture at McGill by developing engagement events and promoting bike collectives and initiatives on campus. Her work contributes to McGill’s long-term target to be carbon-neutral by 2040. 

Office of Sustainability Internship Program

The Office of Sustainability was established following student advocacy for institutional support for sustainability initiatives on McGill’s campuses. Since its creation, students have continued to play an integral role, notably through the Office of Sustainability Internship Program.  

Each year, the Office of Sustainability hires a selection of student interns to support the University in its mission to become an institutional model of sustainability for society.

  • There are currently no intern positions available.

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McGill has a bold vision for sustainability. We’ve got big ideas, and we need your help turning them into reality.

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