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McGill has an extensive network of student and community groups working on all aspects of sustainability.

Whether organizing campus initatives, planning events or overseeing integration of sustainable activites in the University, these committees, groups and departments are intergral to a sustainable McGill. Click on the group names below (listed alphabetically) for more information.

Check out current SPF projects to learn about some of the exciting sustainability work underway.


Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Society (AESUS)

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AESUS aims to maintain a high degree of cooperation, participation and friendship among members by organizing social activities and events that allow members to meet each other, to provide assistance and information to members for academic problems, and to maintain good communication with the MCSS and other clubs on campus.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: aesusatmac [at]

Arts Undergraduate Society McGill Environmental Council (AUSEC)

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AUSEC exists to incorporate the principles of sustainability- ecological integrity, economic prosperity and social equity- into all endeavors of AUS through collaboration with executives, council members, departmental associations and committees. In addition, they work to raise awareness of sustainability among members of the AUS.

CONTACT: ausec.aus [at]

Bioresource Engineering Society

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A group composed of creative and enthusiastic Macdonald Campus engineering students who are interested in the development and promotion of the program as well as the social well-being of its students.

CONTACT: bea.bioresource [at]

Campus Crops

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Campus Crops isa collective that works on urban agriculture initiatives to grow food on campus and provide students and community members with space and opportunities to learn. They seek to promote discussion around issues of food politics and food security. We run gardens behind the McGill School of Environment building and James Administration building.

CONTACT: ampuscrops [at]

Campus Crops SPF Page


Cinema Politica

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Cinema Politica is a media arts, non-profit network that screens documentaries pertaining to relevant political and social issues in an effort to raise global awareness on the McGill campus. Programming themes include social justice, environmental and cultural identity issues, and all screenings aim to bridge political independent filmmaking, local activism and civic education and engagement.

CONTACT: mcgillcinemapolitica [at]


Climate Justice Montreal

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Climate Justice Montreal is a group pursuing environmental and climate justice through education, mobilization and collective action in solidarity with directly affected communities. They are committed to working with anti-oppression and decolonization principles.

CONTACT: justiceclimatiquemtl [at]


Committe for Environmental Responsibility Eduction and Sustainability (CERES)

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CERES aims to raise environmental awareness and facilitate environmental initiatives on Mac campus and in the St Anne community. They work with stakeholders on projects surrounding issues like energy conservation, waste management, and environmental education.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: ceres.macdonald [at]


Community Engagement Day

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Community Engagement Day is an annual project that aims to celebrate and recognize the community engagement efforts that connect McGill to Montreal community groups. They aim to increase the visibility of various opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in Montreal through engaging community members.

CONTACT: ced.sede [at]


The Conservationists

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The Conservationists focus on carrying out conservation projects that will help solve local environmental issues through a hands-on manner. They provide opportunities for students to become involved with environment preservation in local Montreal communities.

CONTACT: theconservationists [at]


Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability

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DBCS is a fully student- initiated and student-run annual conference borne through business students answering the increasingly pressing call for action in the environmental and social spheres of our business world. It brings together some of the brightest students from universities across North America to gather a multilateral perspective on issues related to sustainability.


Desautels Sustainability Network logo

Desautels Sustainability Network

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The Desautels Sustainability Network (DSN) sees sustainability as a crucial and profitable opportunity for businesses. The club aims to bring students together by hosting community-building events, formal networking events with professionals and seminars. This year, DSN will also host the Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability. The club will promote a true culture of sustainability inside the faculty and will help management students integrate McGill’s sustainability community but also that of Montreal.

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Divest McGill

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The Divest McGill campaign is focused on getting McGill to divest its holdings in the tar sands and other fossil fuel companies. They also strive to support and grow the wider movement for climate justice through facilitating and participating in a variety of events and wider activism efforts.

CONTACT: divestmcgill [at]



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The ECOLE Project aspires to facilitate a culture of sustainability through research, teaching, experimentation, living practices, and collaboration with student and community groups. They seek integrate to sustainability projects, promote interdisciplinary applied student research, and serve as a focal point / meeting space for sustainability projects and groups.

CONTACT: spaces.ecoleproject [at]


Edible Campus

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Santropol Roulant’s award winning Edible Campus garden is run in partnership with the McGill School of Architecture‘s Minimum Cost Housing Group. They mostly grow vegetables in over 300 containers, using a self-watering technique. In recent years, they have expanded the garden by converting a series of ornamental rock bed into raised beds for productive planting, including a perennial herb garden and fruit bearing bushes.

CONTACT: jardins [at]


Enactus McGill

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Social entrepreneurship : meaning applying an entrepreneurial spirit to solving world issues, notably environmental and social

CONTACT: pierrelaurentmacridis [at]

Environmental Residence Council (ERC)

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ERC works to help students in residence live more sustainability through campaigns and events such as Fight the Power or our awesome clothing swaps!

CONTACT: mcgillerc [at]

Engineers Without Borders

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EWB helps to accelerate development in Africa. Their approach is to create systemic change by investing in people and providing them with opportunities to unlock their potential. They also raise awareness within Canadian society on policy matters and other social issues.

CONTACT: mcgill [at]


The F Word

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F WORD seeks to explore feminism in its present-day cultural context as a unifying, anti-oppressive, intersectional force. We seek to provide an accessible community resource through inclusive, constructive, multi-media content.

CONTACT: FWordPublication [at]


Farm to School

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The goal of Farm to School is to offer education about the environment and agronomy to young students from the island of Montréal and the surrounding areas. They organize workshops with elementary schools where we teach modules on our campus.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: farmtoschoolmacdonald [at]


The Femmedere

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Femmedère is a student-run group within the McGill community whose goal is to make the local community more sustainable. In particular, we aim to educate, support, and empower community members by providing workshops and food programs that enable community members to make healthy and nutritional food choices within their budget.

CONTACT: femmedere.mcgill [at]


The Flat

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The Flat is a collectively run bike repair space where volunteers provide you with the tools and knowledge to fix your own bike.

CONTACT: theflat.bikecollective [at]


Green Drinks Montreal

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Green Drinks meets once a month people to discuss environmental issues over organic coffee. This group is an opportunity to network with like-minded people in an informal setting. There are chapters on the Downtown campus and Macdonald campus.

CONTACT: greendrinksmontreal [at]

Happy Belly

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Happy Belly collect food from nearby grocery stores and farms consisting mainly of perishable items near the end of their shelf life but still safe to eat. Every week, they cook and serve a free healthy lunch for students and staff. The meals are vegan-friendly with few processed ingredients.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: machappybelly [at]

Herbivore Society for Peace and Justice McGill

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For the vegan, vegetarian, and curious meat eater, we provide cooking workshops and build awareness about the cruelty-free lifestyle.

CONTACT: mcgill.herbivores [at]

Mac Agro Ecology Group

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MAEG aims to provide students with opportunities to learn about sustainable agriculture and permaculture. Every year MAEG organizes trips to local farms, invite speakers, and sends a delegation of McGill students to conferences.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: macagroecologygroup [at]

Mac Gorilla Composting

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Gorilla Compost ensures proper cycling of Macdonald Campus' organic wastes by collecting compostable matter at convenient on-campus locations and converting it to usable fertilizer for the campus' community gardens. Less landfill waste, less artificial fertilizer used, one more step towards a sustainable campus and planet!

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: gorilla.macdonald [at]


Macdonald Campus Environmental Advisor

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The Mac Campus Enironmental Acdvisor ensures that the Mac community stays as green as possible, whether its making a green purchase or getting students involved in our green projects. They connect your ideas and our school’s resources so that they can improve our school and our environment.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: env.adv.mcss [at]

Macdonald Student-run Ecological Gardens

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MSEG works with 1 1/4 acres of land to sustainably produce vegetables for McGill community and its surroundings. It is a student-run, student-driven project and what manifests comes directly from what they want to see in it.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: macdonaldstudentgarden [at]


McGill Apiculture Association

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The main focus of the MAA club is the promotion of the art of beekeeping, with the particular interest in self-sustainable, small-scale/urban beekeeping. Throughout the year they organize various educational events, and provide a hands-on experience in beekeeping in our apiary that has been set up on the Mac campus grounds.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: maa.beeclub [at]


McGill Black Student's Network

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MBSN is a service available to the entire McGill community. Their goal is to sensitize the McGill community to issues concerning Black peoples and assist in the successful integration of Black students both into the McGill and the wider Montreal communities.

CONTACT: bsnmcgill [at]

McGill Energy Association

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MEA strives to bring together and educate the McGill community through initiatives focused on understanding the global energy challenge through fact-based analysis and education.


McGill Energy Project

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Connect students, faculty and staff toward the mission of reducing campus energy consumption through applied student research opportunities.

CONTACT:   energyproject [at]


McGill Environment Students’ Society (MESS)

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MESS represents undergraduate and diploma Environment students at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They hold a variety of events each year of both academic and social focuses for Environment students.

CONTACT: mcgill.environment [at]


McGill Farmers' Market

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The Farmers' Market is held on campus for most of fall semester on Thursdays from 12 to 5. They aim to create a space for local businesses to benefit from and to educate more people about local, sustainable farming and eating.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: mcgillfarmersmarket [at]


McGill Food Systems Project

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Born out of Greening McGill's local food campaign, "From Field to Feast", the McGill Food Systems Project is a cooperative project between students, McGill Food and Dining Services and the McGill Office of Sustainability, developed to use student research and community collaboration to improve the food operations on our campuses. The McGill Food Systems Project endeavors to maximize the ecological, social and economic sustainability of McGill's food systems through engaging the McGill community in consultation, facilitating McGill-focused research projects, and supporting sustainable change in McGill policies and operations. The project aims to analyze the current purchasing patterns of McGill’s campus cafeterias, including Chartwells and Sodexo, to compare the desirability and feasibility of adopting more sustainable alternatives.

CONTACT: mcgill.foodsystems.project [at]


McGill Outdoors Club (MOC)

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MOC is the hiking, camping, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling and climbing clubs combined into one. We organize introductory outdoor events, rent out equipment, and have our own house 45min north of Montreal.

CONTACT: info [at]

McGill Project GO

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Project GO is the McGill Chapter of Santropol Roulant, a sustainable meals-on-wheels group in Montreal that works to break social isolation for people living with a loss of autonomy.

CONTACT: mcgill.projectgo [at]

McGill Spaces Project

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The MSP is a student-led initiative that seeks to critically reimagine McGill's spaces and places. Through cross-campus collaboration and creative placemaking, we aim to highlight the rousing potential of underused areas around downtown campus.

CONTACT: mcgillspacesproject [at]


McGill Students' Chapter of

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A student initiative of seeking to break down the stigma surrounding mental health through education, workshops & support for anyone in need.

CONTACT: unleashmcgill [at]


McGill Students' Chapter of Nourish International

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MSCNourish starts up small, sustainable social enterprises on campus and invests the profits in a sustainable, community-development project abroad. They partner with a community-based grassroots organization abroad, and develop a project with community members to implement alongside the people of the community.

CONTACT: mcgill [at]


McGill's Student's Veggie DIY Club

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Veggie DIY recognizes various reasons for vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. They host regular cooking sessions and workshops to introduce different vegetarian and vegan dishes to the McGill and Montreal community.

CONTACT: veggiediy [at]

Midnight Kitchen

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MK serves pay-what you-can vegan lunches 12:30 weekdays in the SSMU building. They also organize educational events and workshops, support direct action and grassroots organizing and cook in solidarity for political and community based events that are keeping within our anti-oppression and political mandate.

CONTACT: midnightkitchencollective [at]



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netMTL are students looking to inspire innovation by giving students the ability to create their own vision of sustainability through the design and creation of a house for the solar decathlon competition that will help educate the Montreal community and serve as an example of the potential of students in initiating change.

CONTACT: montrealsd [at]


Organic Campus

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Organic Campus is a non-profit student service that operates on the McGill University Campus (Montreal, Canada) and are dedicated to bringing local organic fruits and vegetables to the community at affordable prices as well as education on healthy and sustainable food practices.

CONTACT: organiccampus [at]


Out of the Garden Project

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Out of the Garden offers healthy, affordable, homemade and delicious food in MAC's very own student café! They promote local and sustainable food choices, and offer many opportunities to get involved: come to eat, come to cook, or come to learn! Find them in the Ceilidh and look out for workshops throughout the year.

This group operates out of Macdonald Campus

CONTACT: outofthegardenmac [at]


PGSS Environment Committee

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Works on monitoring PGSS’ policies relating to environmental issues, ensuring representation on university environmental committees and groups, and planning educational events for PGSS members that ensure interaction on environmental issues between the PGSS and greater Montreal community.

CONTACT: environment.pgss [at]

Plate Club

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The Plate Club is a sexy, free, accessible, and reusable dishware provider service. With the aid of passionate volunteers, their mandate is to raise awareness about the excessive waste arising from the use of disposable dishware during food events and meal purchases on campus.   Their tallies estimate that they save 1000 plates from the garbage every month through lunch service alone.

CONTACT: theplateclub [at]



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QPIRG is a non-profit, student-run organization that conducts research, education, and action on environmental and social justice issues at McGill University and in the Montreal community. QPIRG brings together a wide range of activists interested in many different issues.

CONTACT: qpirg [at]


Queer McGill

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Queer McGill is a non-hierarchical social, political, informational and support service for queer students and their allies. They serve the McGill and greater Montreal community, welcoming individuals and groups of all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic class, religions, political affiliations, cultures, linguistic backgrounds, and regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability or age group.

CONTACT: admin.qm [at]

Reboot McGill

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The Reboot McGill program is tasked with the reduction of the amount of McGill computers and peripherals being sent directly to be recycled while still being useful. The Reboot McGill program collects, refurbishes and then finds homes on and off campus for surplus McGill computer hardware.

CONTACT: reboot [at]



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SACOMSS is a volunteer-run organization committed to supporting survivors of sexual assault and their allies through direct support, advocacy, and outreach. They offer support groups, advocacy and outreach, as well as sexual assault sensitivity training to McGill and Montreal groups, information and referrals, and events to raise awareness about sexual assault.

CONTACT: main [at]

Science Undergraduate Society Environment Committee

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SUSEC is a group of students in SUS committed to promoting environmental awareness and improving the environmental standards and practices within McGill and the community at large. They also strive to ensure that the SUS is committed to meeting its highest sustainability standards in all of its operations and events.

CONTACT: environmentsus.mcgill [at]

SSMU Environment Committee / Commissioners

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EnviroComm is an open committee where anybody passionate about sustainability can sit in to voice their opinion, share their ideas and help coordinate our activities. They hold a multiplicity of events and work on several initiatives each semester, all with the aim of enriching the knowledge, experience and connectivity of SSMU members on the topic of sustainability.

CONTACT: environment.ssmu [at]


SSMU Green Buildings Coordinator

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Conducts research and works with the SSMU Building Committee to implement projects that will aid SSMU in greening its building and operations.

CONTACT: greenbuilding [at]

SSMU Green Events Coordinator

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Develops resources and consults with groups to help them run the most sustainable events possible.

CONTACT: greenevents [at]

Student Association of Sustainability, Science and Society

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SASSS represents undergraduate students in the Sustainability, Science and Society program and supports them by holding social and academic events throughout the year.

CONTACT: sasss [at]

Students in Mind Conference

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An annual student mental health conference at McGill University that engages students in conversation regarding the importance of mental health, tackling personal stigma and encouraging peer accountability.

CONTACT: studentsinmind [at]

Sustainability in Engineering at McGill (SEAM)

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The SEAM committee serves as a supporting platform which fosters and promotes a culture of sustainability. This is done by actively gathering information, resources and opportunities and effectively delivering them to the engineering student community.



The Coffee Co-Op

More Info

The Coffee Co-op is a student-run volunteer based coffee bar located in the McGill School of the Environment baseent lounge. We will be serving a vide variety of affordable specialty coffees (think $0.50 for an espresso shot). The Coffee Co-op is committed to minimizing waste and will offer ethically sourced coffees to students and staff. 

CONTACT: mess.coffeecoop [at]


The Ecolibrium Radio Residency

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Empowering students to raise awareness about their environmental activism through basic training in radio and podcasting workshops!

CONTACT: ecolibriumfm [at]


Union for Gender Empowerment (UGE)

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The UGE is a trans positive feminist organization in Montreal. The UGE operates a library, zine distro, zine library, and Co-op. The UGE also runs trans 101/allyship and anti-oppression workshops for other organizations and projects.

CONTACT: unionforgenderempowerment [at]


WWF McGill

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WWF is a nonprofit, environmental conservation group.


Young Greens @ McGill

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The Club's mandate is to increase part support and awareness on campus, as well as provide students with a political arena to discuss issues around sustainibility, social justice, and representative democracy.