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McGill Alert. The downtown campus will remain partially closed through the evening of Monday, July 15. See the Campus Safety site for details.

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SP0191: Faraday Farms

Status: COMPLETED April 2018 - November 2018

This project aims to establish an extensive vegetable garden by and for McGill's chemistry department. The garden will consist of multiple fabric containers of various sizes, places in a few locations around the Otto Maass, Pulp and Paper buildings. A composting system will also be implemented to provide free soil for the continuity of this project in future years.

There is currently no avenue available to the many full-time students, researchers and faculty in the chemistry department to dispose of food waste in such a way that it can be efficiently recycled and used to the benefit of the department. To address this absence, this project will take advantage of multiple locations near Pulp and Paper and Otto Maass to place fabric pots and lifted beds in which vegetables will be grown. These vegetables will then be distributed to all members of the department at the weekly bagel hours, allowing students and faculty to include vegetables in their daily diet.

The impact of food waste collection on the department (i.e. bad smells) will be minimized by installation of tightly sealed organic waste collection bins in convenient locations around the department (minimum of one per floor per building with more in high-traffic/food prep areas). The exterior compost bin will be caged in and locked in order to prevent rodents from accessing it. Department members will be instructed on how to properly use the compost bins, teaching them the basics of composting.

This project will not only aid in providing McGill chemistry a strengthened sense of community while providing fresh food, but will also serve as a platform for increasing visibility towards sustainable life choices (in terms of diet and lifestyle) all while instructing and involving interested students in practical gardening techniques. Students who are interested will be able to aid in the project and be involved in the gardening process from seed to harvest.

Resources from the SPF will be used to purchase all the materials for the garden. 

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