SP0107: Bike Repair Rack

Status: COMPLETED January 2013 - May 2013

McGill actively encourages its community to cycle to campus and to learn all the skills they need to maintain this habit. The SPF has provided the means to create an outdoor bicycle repair station with a bike repair rack and to two manual tire pumps, located outside the bookstore. The rack itself is made with 100% recyclable materials and is supplied with eight theft-resistant tools allowing cyclists to make minor repairs immediately and locally.

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On any given regular school day the McGill community of students, staff and visitors is often quoted as being over 40,000. As of 2011, approximately 29% of the McGill community came to campus by walking or cycling. On the downtown McGill campus, there are over 1800 bike parking spaces, which are regularly at capacity, and one can find bikes locked up to almost anything that allows for enough space. The bike-riding population at McGill is ever-increasing, and the university actively encourages the community to commute by bike to campus.

This project saw the heavy bicycle traffic on campus as a major benefit to sustainability and the physical health of the community and sought to actively facilitate and increase it. As such, the SPF provided the means for the installation of an outdoor bicycle repair station outside of the Bookstore on McGill’s Downtown campus.

The station itself consists of two manual tire pumps and a rack which is fully-equipped for making minor repairs. Both the pumps and the racks are designed to be durable and theft-resistant, while being made of 100% recycled materials. For those who are unfamiliar with bicycle repair, or just need a little help figuring out how to use the station, there are QR codes printed on the equipment which take the user to instructional videos and information online.

This project was conducted as a partnership between McGill’s Department of Campus and Space Planning and The Flat Bike Collective. The Flat Bike Collective is another resource for cyclists on campus, is a local bike cooperative is located in 3480 McTavish (SSMU Building) B-02.

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Campus and Space Planning, The Flat Bike Collecitve

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