SP0219: Active Transportation at Gault

Status: COMPLETE June 2019 - August 2019

This project will provide staff with the option to use bicycles to travel between buildings instead of ATV or regular car or electric golf cart, to promote exercise and reduce carbon footprint.

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Summer time is the busiest time for Gault, the increased number of employees coupled with the peak period in academic activities create a greater need for efficient transportation between buildings. Traditionally, we have used cars, electric golf carts or walking to travel between buildings.

The project is to add an active transportation option between buildings by adding a fleet of bicycles suitable for gravel roads. The bicycles will be equipped with baskets for the transport of light equipment, helmet, lock, fenders, stand. This option will allow more efficient travel and especially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This will also contribute to a healthy workplace. This fleet will be able to serve both resident interns or researchers who wants to access the downtown area of Mont-Saint-Hilaire for shopping after work hours. As well, permanent staff will greatly benefit from this additional transportation mode, bicycles are efficient but also provide a welcomed exercise beneficial for stress relief and a healthy lifestyle.

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  A McGill community members rides one of Gault's new bicycles around the campus.

Three of the new bicycles purchased for the Active Transportation at Gault project are parked near a lake with green helmets in their baskets.

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