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SPF Projects

The Sustainability Projects Fund has supported more than 150 projects on McGill's campuses, contributing to a wide range of sustainability initiatives. These projects also advance the implementation of the Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy. Browse projects by Vision 2020 category below, and check out our YouTube channel to see some of their impacts.

The Greening of Canadian Campuses

Written by Elaine Smith
Published on July 21, 2013 | the New York Times

"Sustainability has become more than a fashionable buzzword on Canadian campuses; it has become enshrined both in university policy and in daily student life. McGill’s Sustainability Projects Fund, for example, imposes a student fee of 50 Canadian cents per credit that is matched by the university.

Published: 25Jul2013

The Sustainability Projects Fund

The SPF has three application deadlines per year (January 9, June 13, and September 12). We will follow up with you within two weeks of having received your application.

CKUT Interview with Lilith Wyatt

CKUT's All Things McGill interviewed Lilith Wyatt regarding the Sustainability Projects Fund and the recent referendum process that will secure funding for the initiative over the next 5 years. 

Audio icon lilith_interview.mp3
Published: 21May2013

Foire sur le Développement Durable de McGill 2012

Tent on Lower Campus CA

Vision2020 sera la vedette de la 2e Foire sur le développement durable de McGill!