McGill Office of Sustainability Team

MOOS Team photo, taken on McTavish facing uphill

The McGill Office of Sustainability is brought to you by a dedicated team of staff and interns who facilitate a diverse range of sustainability initiatives in the McGill community. If you are interested in finding out more about the McGill Office of Sustainability or any of our team, please feel free to contact us individually using the links below, or send an email to our office.

toby.davine [at] (Toby Davine), Communications Officer

Toby crafts snappy blurbs and long documents to help make sure all the great sustainability work around campus gets the attention it deserves.

website.sustainability [at] (Tim Ellis)Web Communications Intern

Tim takes care of all the online communication at the Office of Sustainability. He works to promote any sustainability efforts coming out of the office, and provide necessary support to any projects in the McGill community.

krista.houser [at] (Krista Houser), Sustainability Officer - SPF Steward

Krista coordinates projects in Vision 2020's area of Connectivity and administers the Sustainability Projects Fund, which includes managing its finances, human resources, and logistics. She also helps SPF applicants develop their project ideas and guides project teams in the successful execution of their initiatives.

francois.miller [at] (MOOS Director Francois Miller headshot taken on McTavishFrancois Miller), Sustainability Director

Francois leads the team behind the McGill Office of Sustainability. He partners with internal and external units to promote and implement sustainability throughout campus and oversees the unfolding of Vision 2020.

nicholas.milum [at] (Nick Milum)Ban the Bottle Intern

In his role as the Ban the Bottle Intern, Nick hopes to educate campus stakeholders about the importance of reducing waste from single-use water bottles and work with event-planners to create alternative solutions to providing water. [at] (Kathleen Ng), Senior Sustainability Officer

Among a multitude of other duties, Kathleen handles the Vision 2020 activities related to Operations, and liases with external partners (professional associations and government agencies). She is also the guru in charge of sustainability assessment, monitoring and indicators.

Photo of Claire Paoli smiling in front of plants

spf.sustainability [at] (Claire Paoli,) SPF Administrative Intern

Claire provides administrative support to the SPF team to ensure that project applications run as smoothly as possible.

amelia.peres [at] (Amelia Peres)Vision 2020 Administrator

Amelia works to implement and track the next phase of the Vision 2020 climate & sustainability action plan. She works with individual units on campus to help them craft their own sustainability action plans.

Camille point headshotCamille PointMultimedia Intern

Camille uses her creative multimedia skills by producing graphical and video content to enhance the office’s visual identity while raising awareness of the sustainable community at McGill.

kendra.pomerantz [at] (Kendra Pomerantz)Zero Waste Coordinator

Kendra works with MOOS, Buildings and Grounds, and a host of other stakeholders to implement the McGill Waste Reduction and Diversion Plan. She also helps develop and coordinate other initiatives to reduce the campus waste footprint.

sustainability [at] (Meghan Raffensperger), Communications Intern

Meghan creatively communicates to and engages with people about the vibrant sustainability community on and off the McGill campus.  She hopes that by spreading the word about sustainability initiatives, people might become inspired to learn what they can do to advance sustainability in their own field of interest.

Climate Officer Aileen Rivers Headshotaileen.rivers [at] (Ali Rivers)Climate Officer

Ali applies her experience in climate change accounting & emissions management to identify and implement GHG reduction initiatives at McGill, with an aim to achieving carbon neutrality. She collaborates with the university community to enhance climate literacy and identify areas of potential risk and resilience.

shona.watt [at] (Shona Watt Headshot, taken on McTavishShona Watt), Sustainability Officer - SPF Administrator

Shona develops staff and student engagement programs that promote a sustainable culture at McGill. She also manages the finances and human resources of the Sustainability Projects Fund to ensure that project teams are successful.