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Développement durable McGill Sustainability

The McGill Office of Sustainability is brought to you by a dedicated team of staff and interns who facilitate a diverse range of sustainability initiatives in the McGill community. If you are interested in finding out more about the McGill Office of Sustainability or any of our team, please feel free to contact us individually using the links below, or send an email to our office.

francois.miller [at] mcgill.ca (Francois Miller), Executive Director, Sustainability (He/Him)

Francois leads McGill on its path to become a leader in sustainability. Through internal and external partnerships, he works to embed sustainability in all of the University’s operations and oversees the implementation of McGill’s Climate and Sustainability Strategy.

krista.houser [at] mcgill.ca (Krista Houser), Sustainability Manager (She/Her)

Krista manages the strategy and governance portfolio, which includes the University’s Climate & Sustainability Strategy, climate-related initiatives, as well as monitoring and reporting on sustainability achievements. Krista’s work focuses on strategic planning, governance committee support, program and project development, as well as incorporating best practices and key performance indicators

shona.watt [at] mcgill.ca (Shona Watt), Sustainability Manager (She/Her)

Shona stewards the Sustainability Projects Fund and manages the office’s daily operations. She coordinates the SPF and communications team in order to amplify sustainability engagement at McGill. Shona brings people together to catalyze projects for positive change

agathe.moreau [at] mcgill.ca (Agathe Moreau), Sustainability Officer (She/Her)

Agathe is in charge of the consultation process leading to McGill’s next Climate and Sustainability Strategy. She works with the university community to set goals and find pathways to further advance sustainability on campus. Agathe also manages the staff garden program as well as the elimination of single-use plastic water bottles on campus.

karen.oberer [at] mcgill.ca (Karen Oberer), Sustainability Officer (She/Her)

Karen has studied, taught, and worked at McGill since 2005. She monitors and reports on McGill's sustainability advancements by working with partners from across the University. Her work contributes directly to McGill's long-term target of attaining a Platinum in the Sustainability Tracking Assessment, & Rating System by reporting to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

kelsey.litwin [at] mcgill.ca (Kelsey Litwin), Communications Officer (She/Her)

Kelsey writes, photographs, designs and edits the Office of Sustainability's communications materials - from articles to videos to reports and everything that falls in between. Her goal is to increase the visibility of sustainability initiatives on campus and encourage community engagement. 

Stephanie Keller-Busque poses on the Redpath Library terrace
stephanie.keller-busque [at] mcgill.ca (Stéphanie Keller-Busque), Sustainability Officer (She/Her)

Stéphanie administers the Sustainability Projects Fund, which includes managing its finances, human resources, and logistics to ensure that project teams are successful. She also manages the Sustainable Events Certification program and various student engagement programs. 

engagement.sustainability [at] mcgill.ca (Miranda Roseland)Sustainable Events Intern (She/Her)

Miranda coordinates the McGill Sustainable Events Certification program. She recruits, trains and manages the volunteer Sustainable Events Consultant team and creates resources for the Event Certification program. Her goal is to increase the economic, social and environmental sustainability of McGill events.

engagement.sustainability [at] mcgill.ca (Laurianne Debann)stephanie.keller-busque [at] mcgill.ca (é), Staff & Student Engagement Intern 

Laurianne coordinates the monthly Sustainability Challenges for McGill's students and staff, offering resources that encourage participants to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. She also oversees the network of sustainability-focused student groups.

MOOS Multimedia Intern Benjamin Joppke
multimedia.sustainability [at] mcgill.ca (Benjamin Joppke), Multimedia Intern

Benjamin helps with the creation of digital media from graphic design to videography. His goal is to spread awareness about the importance of sustainability through engaging content.

spf.sustainability [at] mcgill.ca (Aspen Murray), Sustainability Projects Fund Intern

Aspen assists with all things administrative, organizational, and communicative for the Sustainability Projects Fund, with the goal of making it run as smoothly as possible. She organizes applications, works with teams on project deliverables, and creates content for our weekly #SPFSpotlight series on social media. She also communicates with MOOS staff about several higher-level projects around campus.

 Zaehen Ghanshani, Graphic Design Intern

Originally from Mumbai, India, Zaehen is a student of Psychology, Sociology, and Behavioral Science at McGill. In her spare time, she enjoys creating art in a variety of digital and traditional mediums. She uses this passion for art and design to create promotional and educational material such as posters, documents, and signage to promote awareness of sustainability initiatives on campus.

Maya Willard-Stepan, Communications Intern

Maya assists with the Office of Sustainability’s communications via social media, articles, and our listserv. She loves finding new ways to inspire people to take initiative in sustainability. Maya is passionate about scientific communication and outreach, and enjoys hearing from community members on new ways they are changing the sustainability landscape too.

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