Archives – Physical Therapy (2014–2015)

Courses with a prefix POTH, PHTH or OCC1 are restricted to students enrolled in programs within the School of Physical & Occupational Therapy.

PT Curriculum U1

U1 Fall

U1 Winter

ANAT 315 Anatomy/Limbs and back- The regional human gross anatomy of the skeleton, joints, muscles and neurovascular structures of the limbs and back.

PHGY 209 Mammalian Physiology 1-Physiology of body fluids, blood, body defense mechanisms, muscle, peripheral, central, and autonomic nervous systems.

PHTH_245 Physical Therapy Seminars

2 Complementary_Courses

ANAT 316  Human Visceral Anatomy -The gross anatomy of the various organ systems of the human body.

PHGY 210 Mammalian Physiology 2 -Physiology of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and renal systems.

EDKP 206 Biomechanics of Human Movement -Analysis of human movement and the kinematics concepts for stability, agility, walking, running, jumping, throwing, absorbing forces, striking, kicking, spinning, twisting, aquatics and work positions.

 POTH 250 Introduction to Professional Practice

1 Complementary_Course

PT Curriculum U2

U2 Fall

U2 Winter

ANAT 321 Circuitry of the Human Brain -Functional organization of the human brain and spinal cord.

POTH 455 Neurophysiology


POTH 434 Musculoskeletal Biomechanics

POTH 401 Research Methods

PHTH 440  Clinical Exercise Physiology

2 Complementary_Courses

PT Curriculum U3 and Qualifying Year (QY)

U3/QY Fall

U3/QY Winter

PHTH 550 Physical Therapy Orthopedic Management

PHTH 551 Physical Therapy Neurological  Rehabilitation

POTH 563 Foundations of Professional Practice

IPEA 500 Interprofessional education


PHTH 560 Integrated Orthopedic Management

PHTH 561 Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation

PHTH 552 Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation

IPEA 501 Interprofessional education

PT Curriculum M1

M1 Summer

PHTH 571 Clinical Practicum I (7 weeks)

PHTH 572 Clinical Practicum II (7 weeks)

M1 Fall

M1 Winter

POTH 612 Advanced Research Methods

PHTH 622 Integrated Pain Management

PHTH 623 Differential Diagnosis and Management

Professional complementary courses:

POTH 637 Cancer Rehabilitation

POTH 639 Motor Control

PHTH 645 Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

PHTH 641 Topics in Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation

Campus complementary courses:

POTH 685 Perception and Action

BUSA 664-002 Creating the Small Business

    PHTH 573 Clinical Practicum III (7 weeks)

    POTH 602 Educational Methodology

    Professional complementary courses:

    POTH 636 Physical Therapy in Pediatrics

    PHTH 661 Sport Physiotherapy

    PHTH 662 Advanced Manual Therapy

    POTH 682 Promoting Health Activity (required)

      PT Curriculum M2

      M2 Summer

      Work on and submit Master‘s Project

      M2 Fall

      POTH 624 Master’s Project (registration & credit)

      PHTH 620 Clinical Practicum IV (8 weeks)

      Completion of M.Sc. (Applied) degree 58 credits


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