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A range of employment opportunities are available to McGill School of Information Studies students. This page provides a jumping-off point for students seeking employment at the School, at McGill, or off campus.

What is the maximum hours per week full-time graduate students are recommended to work?
See McGill's Guideline on Hours of Work.

Working @ SIS

RA & GAships

A number of SIS faculty members employ students for Research Assistant (RA) positions. Positions are filled at the discretion of the professor. MLIS and PhD students interested in RAship opportunities should review research projects of interest on the SIS faculty pages and contact faculty directly to express interest in working as an RA. Doctoral students should also mention interest to their supervisor. In addition, Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are occasionally recruited from the student body.


The School typically has a number of Teaching Assistant (TA) positions a year open to PhD students. These positions are communicated to SIS PhD students by email and posted in the myFuture database through McGill's Career Planning Services (CaPS).

Course Lecturing

The School is often interested in hiring Course Lecturers. Typically lecturers have at least a master's degree in Library and Information Studies and working experience. Those interested may send CVs to the Director.

Need assistance formatting your CV for an academic setting? Visit the McGill Career Planning Services Masters & PhDs page to learn more about this and other services for graduate students.


Working @ McGill

McGill Work Study

Many SIS students have found work placements through the Work Study program run by the McGill Scholarship & Student Aid (SSAO) Office. The program offers eligible students with demonstrated financial need with the opportunity to apply for library, archival, clerical, research, technical, and other Work Study-related job postings on the McGill campus. Please read eligibility criteria carefully: to be considered for the program, students must demonstrate that they have applied for and be receiving the maximum government aid for which they are eligible. All questions regarding the program or eligibility should be addressed directly to the Work Study program.


SIS students interested in Teaching Assistant (TA) positions in other McGill units, including the Faculty of Arts, should consult the myFuture database through McGill's Career Planning Services (CaPS). All university TAships are posted on myFuture.

Exam Invigilation

During exam periods in December and April, graduate students are hired by McGill as exam invigilators.


McGill & Off-Campus Job Postings

SIS Job List

Students are advised to subscribe to the SIS-JOBS list. This moderated employment list primarily contains off-campus postings. Summer positions are often posted in late winter/early spring of each year.

CaPS Postings

Visit McGill's Career Planning Services (CaPS), either in person or online. A wide range of possibilities for work, either on or off-campus, are posted through their myFuture database.

SIS Website Job Links

Additional links to LIS-related job postings can be found on the Careers page.


International Student? Visit the McGill International Student Services Working in Canada page - On-campus, off-campus, and after-study information for McGill international students. You'll also find resources on the McGill Career Planning Services (CaPS) International Students page.