Knowah Research Group

The main goal at Knowah Research Group is to improve knowledge sharing between people. The central focus of our research is to better understand how knowledge sharing works, the factors that motivate or inhibit it, and the underlying cognitive mechanisms.

We strongly believe in a interdisciplinary mixed-methods approach to research and practice. Our theoretical perspectives and research methodologies stem from the fields of Knowledge Management, Cognitive Psychology, and Information Studies, though we are always looking for other perspectives. We are also committed to scientific rigour, trust, transparency, honesty, innovation, open mindedness, compassion, cooperative spirit, and humour.

Goals and Objectives

  • Compile and investigate methods and processes that facilitate information and knowledge sharing
  • Develop explanatory models of information and knowledge sharing and test these models using (quasi-)experimental research strategies
  • Test the influence of affective, cognitive, and social factors on knowledge sharing
  • Develop cognitive and sensorimotor models of individuals involved in knowledge sharing
  • Understand the nature of real-world tacit knowledge sharing

For further information visit: or email us at knowah [at]

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