Research Labs and Groups

Accessible Computing Technology (ACT) Research Group Lab

The ACT Research Group Lab seeks to develop technologies that are accessible to a broad range of users, including older adults and people with disabilities. Particular attention is placed on understanding the role of social relationships on the use and adoption of new technologies.

Data Mining and Security (DMaS) Lab

The DMaS Lab aims at developing real-life data mining systems for efficiently extracting hidden knowledge from large volumes of data. The research emphasizes on addressing challenges in text mining, web mining, social network mining, stream data mining, and crime data mining with the considerations of security, privacy, social, policy, and economic issues.

Multimodal Interaction Laboratory (MIL)

The Multimodal Interaction Laboratory studies how humans process and organize multisensory information. Processes are investigated in real-life and virtual environments from the converging perspectives of information science, cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, acoustics and signal processing.

Knowah Research Group

The main goal at Knowah Research Group is to improve knowledge sharing between people. The central focus is to better understand how knowledge sharing works, the factors that motivate or inhibit it, and the underlying cognitive mechanisms.


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