School of Information Studies (SIS)
McGill University, 3661 Peel St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 1X1   Map
Tel.: 514.398.4204 | Fax: 514.398.7193 | sis [at]             

Building hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.
Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. Ring doorbell for admittance from 8:30-9am and 4-4:30pm.

For Contact
Reception, general enquiries

Administrative office
514.398.4204 sis [at]

Masters, PhD, Certificate programs
Admissions, application

514.398.4204, Ext. 0742 
For all admissions enquiries, please use the following email adddress: admissions.sis [at]

Masters, PhD, Certificate programs
Course registration, administrative matters

Ms. Kathryn Hubbard, Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator
514.398.4204, Ext. 0742 kathryn.hubbard [at]

Masters, Certificate programs
Program structure, academic matters, research funding

Dr. Benjamin Fung, Graduate Program Director
514.398.3360 gpdm.sis [at]

PhD program
Program structure, academic matters, research funding

Dr. Joan Bartlett, Graduate Program Director
514.398.6976 gpdp.sis [at]

Practicum program

Practicum Coordinator  practicum.sis [at]
Room bookings @ 3661 Peel
Job postings

Ms. Caterina Venetico, Administrative Coordinator
514.398.4204 Ext. 0630 caterina.venetico [at]

Media, donations, alumni relations

Dr. Kimiz Dalkir, Director 
514.398.3368 kimiz.dalkir [at]

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