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Winter 2014 Practicum

Information on the Winter 2014 practicum: Dates, Sites, Forms & documents.


The Master of Library and Information Studies (-2014)/Master of Information Studies (2014-) Practicum is a 3 credit elective course (GLIS 699) through which students participate in supervised field practice, applying their theoretical knowledge base and learning and practicing professional skills.

Each practicum is designed by the student, the Site Supervisor, and the Practicum Coordinator, following one of these 3 approaches:

  • Primarily project-based: student carries out one or more professional level projects
  • Primarily operational-based: student observes and participates in all areas of operation and service (e.g., reference, acquisitions, administration)
  • Combination of project and operational-based: incorporates elements of both approaches

The practicum can be flexible as to scheduling of working hours, supervision, and practice. The total working hours for the student are 120 hours over 12 weeks, with a 50% minimum on-site requirement.

Please note that a practicum is not a paid position. In addition, practicum placement is a competitive process, and a practicum placement is not guaranteed. Students may undertake a maximum of 1 practicum during their MLIS/MISt degree.


Roles & Responsibilities

The practicum requires the collaboration of the student, the Site Supervisor and the Practicum Coordinator.

  • Practicum Coordinator: coordinates the matching of students and sites; is the contact person for any questions or concerns from either student or site supervisor; provides the final grade (Pass/Fail) for the course.
  • Student: develops and carries out the agreed upon practicum work plan; takes responsibility for self-directed learning. (More info.)
  • Site Supervisor: establishes the objectives of the practicum; supervises the student's activities; provides feedback (no grades) to the Practicum Coordinator. (More info.)


Nathalie Blanchard
Practicum Coordinator / Coordonatrice de stages
School of Information Studies / École des sciences de l'information
McGill University
304, 3661 Peel St.
Montreal, QC H3A 1X1