Practicum overview

About the program

The Practicum (INFS 699) is a 3-credit, tuition-based academic elective course for 2nd-year Master of Information Studies students. It is typically offered in the Winter semester, and consists of supervised work placement at an approved site, typically unpaid, and required course assignments (e.g. work logs, mid-term report, final paper). The fieldwork component is 100 hours, with normally 50 hours to be spent on site.

The Practicum Application is due to the SIS Academic Practicum Coordinator several months prior to the start of the Practicum semester; please check the Practicum Timeline for the dates. Typically, students enroll in INFS 699 as 1 course of a 4-course, full-time course load. Credit for INFS 699 can only be granted once during the MISt program.

A tentative program description, learning objectives, dates, guidelines, and policies will be made available on the School's website. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with this information prior to applying for the practicum. 


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