Master of Information Studies Program Requirements

The Master of Information Studies; Non-Thesis and Master of Information Studies; Non-Thesis - Project are both 48-credit programs.

The programs are designed to prepare graduates for the broad field of information studies, by:

  • providing the intellectual foundations for careers as information professionals
  • fostering competencies in managing information and knowledge resources
  • advocating the ideal of equal access to information
  • promoting the appropriate use of technology in meeting information needs
  • encouraging research in the field of library and information studies
  • cultivating commitment to professional service for individuals, organizations, and society

MISt program requirements

MISt - Project program requirements


During their first semester, students in this program must identify potential supervisor(s) from the School’s full-time faculty along with potential topic(s) that fit within each proposed supervisor’s area of interest. Please note that assignment to a supervisor depends on a number of factors, including the student’s preference, the proposed supervisor’s area of expertise, and faculty workload. As such, students should bear in mind that they may not be placed with their top choice of supervisor or topic area. 

**For part time students, please speak with your academic advisor or the MISt GPD to discuss your course selection options**

Course Requirements

PDF icon SIS Information Session - Research Project Oct 2023

For students who entered the MISt program in or before Fall '15:
View program requirements in the 2015/16 MISt Student Handbook.
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