Catherine Guastavino

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor; William Dawson Scholar - School of Information Studies

Associate Member - Schulich School of Music

Member - Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT)

Contact Information
Email address: 
catherine.guastavino [at]
  • PhD, Psychoacoustics, Laboratoire d'Acoustique Musicale, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)
  • MSc, Computer Science and Music Technology, Institut Recherche Coordination Acoustique et Musique (IRCAM), Université Aix-Marseille, France
  • BSc, Mathematics, McGill University
Graduate supervision: 
Professional activities: 
  • Graduate Program Director (Ph.D.), School of Information Studies
Research areas: 
Auditory perception & cognition
Multimodal cognition
Music archiving & retrieval
Current research: 

FQRSC – Soutien aux équipes de recherche. Approches analytiques, perceptives et technologiques de l'orchestration musicale et sa pédagogie (Co-I, S. McAdams, P.I. and 5 others)


SSHRC. Insight Development Grant. Sounds in the city: Applying the soundscape approach to urban noise management.

In Collaboration with Ville de Montréal. (P.I.), see


NSERC. Engage and Engage Plus grants with Applied Acoustics Systems. Virtual Acoustics Models for Physically-modeled Musical Instruments. (P.I.)


CFI – NIF. Live Expression “in situ”: Musical and Audiovisual Performance and Reception. (Co-I., M. Wanderley, P.I. and 8 others).

2014  – 2015 NSERC. Engage grant. Spatialized and interactive artificial binaural reverberation. With industry partner Audiokinetic. (P.I.)
2014 – 2019 FRQ - Regroupement Stratégique. Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Music Media and Technology. (Co-I., M. Wanderley, P.I. and 40 others).
2014 CFI – Leaders Opportunity Fund Award. Digital Musical Instrument Performance Research and Rapid Prototyping Laboratory (PR2P). (Co-I., M. Wanderley, P.I. and S. Ferguson).
2013 SSHRC – Connection. Colloque International : Analyser les processus de creation musicale / Tracking the creative process in music. (Co-I., J. Goldman, P.I. and 3 others).
2012-2017 NSERC - Discovery Grant. Upper limits of auditory motion perception. (P.I.)
2011-2016 NSF Research Coordination Network Grant. A global sustainable soundscape network. (Co-I., B. Pijanowski, P.I.).
2006-2011 Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Leaders Opportunity Fund. Perceptual evaluation of human-computer interaction: Applications to the design of adaptive multimodal systems. (P.I.)
2010–2013 NSERC - Collaborative Research and Development. Physical characterization and perception of vibration transmission of road bike components. (Co-I., Y. Champoux, P.I. and 1 other).
2009–2012 CFI – NIF. Vibroacoustics of large-scale, complex, multi-material structures in aerospace and terrestrial transport. (Co-I., A. Berry, P.I.).
2009-2012 European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST). Soundscapes of European cities and landscapes. (Co-I., J. Kang, P.I.).


Selected publications: 

Guastavino, C. (2018). Everyday Sound Categorization. In T. Virtanen, M. D. Plumbley, & D. Ellis (Eds.), Computational Analysis of Sound Scenes and Events (pp. 183–213). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

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