Kimiz Dalkir

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor

Contact Information
Email address: 
kimiz.dalkir [at]
  • PhD (Educational Technology), Concordia University. Thesis: Improving User Modeling via the Integration of Learner Characteristics and Learner Behaviour
  • MBA (Double Major: Management Science and Management Information Systems), McGill University
  • BSc (Biology: Human Genetics Specialization), McGill University
Graduate supervision: 
Professional activities: 
  • Graduate Program Director (Masters), School of Information Studies
  • SLA (Special Libraries Association)
  • SALT (Society for Applied Learning Technology)
  • Graduate Program Director Faculty representative, McGill APC (Academic Policy Committee)
Research areas: 
Collaboration success factors
Creativity & innovation management
Organizational learning & managing lessons learned
Preservation & transfer of expertise
Tacit knowledge management
Current research: 
2008-present SSHRC. Towards a theoretical model of sharing and preserving critical knowledge in a university
2007-2008 CEFRIO. Implementation of KM in parallel with healthcare reform in Quebec
2006-2008 CEFRIO. Collective learning processes within an organization: the case study of Oxfam-Quebec


Selected publications: 

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