PhD Students

Meet the current PhD in Information Studies students at the McGill School of Information Studies. To view PhD graduates, visit the PhD theses page and see Where our PhD graduates are working.

Name Research Areas Contact
Mohammadhossein Amouei Data mining; Reverse engineering; Machine learning; Cybersecurity

mohammadhossein.amouei [at] (e-mail)




Philips Ayeni Scholarly communication: open access; Institutional repositories

philips.ayeni [at] (e-mail)



Claudia Baptista Claros

Information and society (dissemination, distortion and literacy); Digital ecologies; Knowledge management

claudia.baptistaclaros [at] (e-mail)

Aaron Bowen-Zeicheck

Healthcare Information Systems; Personal Health Information Management; Personal Health Records  aaron.bowen-ziecheck [at] (e-mail)
Grace Brooks

Tacit knowledge; Knowledge management; Audio engineering; Mentorship; Peer learning; Gender Studies; Sound Studies

grace.brooks [at] (e-mail)
Kartikay Chadha Digital Humanities; Human-Computer Interaction; Human-Information Interaction; Web-Design & Development; Database Development and Management; African Studies and Technology; Big data visualization; Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods. Reference to research projects: Walk With Web Inc.

kartikay.chadha [at] (e-mail)


Jiamin (Carrie) Dai

Human-computer interaction with a focus on assistive technologies for older adults & individuals living with dementia

jiamin.dai [at] (e-mail)


Robert Douglas Ferguson

Personal information management; Personal financial information; Personal health records; Anthropology of information; Communication in hospice settings robert.ferguson2 [at] (e-mail)

Mauricio Fontana de Vargas

Human-computer interaction with a focus on assistive technologies; Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices; Haptic interfaces

mauricio.fontanadevargas [at] (e-mail)


Morgannis Graham

Digital preservation; Archives; Data integrity; Metadata; Acquisition policies morgannis.graham [at] (e-mail)
Mihaela Iancu Communication in collaboration; Overload in email communication at work  

Rebecca Katz

Information policy; Information behaviour; Public legal literacy; Copyright rebecca.katz2 [at] (e-mail)
Jwen Fai Low Data mining; Machine learning; Information propagation jwen.low [at] (e-mail)

Peymon Montazeri

Information behaviour; Information seeking and sharing among Doctoral peers peymon.montazeri [at] (e-mail)
Mohd Saqib Malware analysis; Explainable AI; Cybersecurity; Reverse engineering

msaqib.cs [at] (e-mail)

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Christopher Trudeau Urban noise; Environmental Justice; Soundscapes christopher.trudeau [at] (e-mail)
Richard Yanaky

R&D using Immersive Technologies; Tools for urban soundscape design; Human-Computer Interaction; Multimodal Interaction

Richard.yanaky [at] (e-mail)


Richmond Yeboah Online Information Behavior; Perceived value and cost of access to information; Paywalls in the online information seeking of Canadian midwives  
Xiaoqian Zhang Online health information behaviour; Internet healthcare; Health informatics

xiaoqian.zhang [at] (e-mail)


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