PhD theses

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Granikov, Vera (2022) Factors and Outcomes of Collaborative Information Monitoring Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthillier


Tarlao, Cynthia (2022) Soundscapes in context: investigating in situ experiences and proposing a simulator for urban professionals Supervisor Prof. Catherine Guastavino


Asadi, Banafsheh (2021) Comparison of social tags and controlled vocabulary terms assigned to images: a feasibility study of computer-assisted image indexing Supervisor Prof. Catherine Guastavino


Kochkina, Svetlana (2020) Evelina: A life-story of a book, told by paratext Supervisor Prof France Bouthillier

Kumah, Cynthia (2020) Smartphone Information Behaviour: a study of the use of smartphones in searching and evaluation online information for everyday life and for academic purposes Supervisor Prof Joan Bartlett


Ding, Honghui (2019) Data Mining and Machine Learning for Reverse Engineering Supervisor Prof. Benjamin Fung

Qing Zhou (2019) The representation of archival descriptions: An ontological approach Prof. Eun Park


Dineen, Jesse (2018) Analysing file management behaviour  Supervisor: Prof. Charles-Antoine Julien

Dorey, Jonathan (2018) Archival interaction: a framework to assess university archives websites from the perspective of history undergraduate students Supervisor Prof. Elaine Menard

Shu, Fei (2018) A comparison between a Chinese bibliometric database and the Web of Science in terms of authors and their output  Prof. Charles-Antoine Julien

Steele, Daniel (2018)  Bridging the gap from soundscape research to urban planning and design practice: how do professionals conceptualize, work with and seek information about sound?  Prof. Catherine Guastavino


AlGhamdi, Mohammed. (2017), Usability of three-dimensional virtual learning environments: an exploratory study of the think aloud approach  Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

El Kadi, Abir (2017), Are we heading toward a knowledge society? An exploratory case study of higher education reform  Supervisor Prof. Kimiz Dalkir

Lee, Sunghoon (2017), Constructing an effective electronic records management programme: policies, practices, and systems in an international legal context  Supervisor Prof. Eun Park

Shulha, Michael. (2017), Survivorship care plans:assessing the information needs of breast cancer survivors, primary care physicians, and oncology specialists Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthilier


Kitimbo, Irene. (2016). An empirical analysis of project-based learning practices. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir

Weigl, David. (2016). Rythmic information as a relevance criterion for music information retrieval Supervisor: Prof. Catherine Guastavino 


Abuhimed, Dhary. (2015). An investigation of knowledge transfer in a high school inquiry-based project: Transferring students’ experiential knowledge in the form of lessons learned and stories. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti


Gainor, Rhiannon. (2014). Measuring competitive intelligence outcomes and impact. Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthillier

Khashman, Nouf. (2014). Investigating the application of Hofstede's model of cultural dimensions to Arabic web interfaces. Supervisors: Prof. Andrew Large (Emeritus) & Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Zwarich, Natasha. (2014). Policies and practices for e-mail management at the Canadian government: An exploratory study. Supervisor: Prof. Eun Park


Boutard, Guillaume. (2013). The re-performance of digital archives of contemporary music live electronics: A theoretical and practical preservation framework. Supervisors: Prof. Catherine Guastavino, Prof. James Turner, Univ. de Montreal

Fitzgibbons, Yusuke. (2013). Integrating information behavior and information literacy during academic writing tasks: A comparative study of Japanese and Canadian undergraduate students in Canada. Supervisor: Prof. Joan Bartlett

Saleh, Nasser. (2013). Collaborative information behaviour in learning tasks: A study of engineering students. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large

Tabatabaei, Nahid. (2013). Contribution of information science to other disciplines as reflected in citation contexts of highly cited JASIST papersSupervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Tomm, Jillian. (2013). The imprint of the scholar: An analysis of the printed books of McGill University’s Raymond Klibansky Collection. Supervisor: Prof. Peter McNally

Weerapura, Kaushilya Gauri . (2013). The influence of information use strategies on ill-structured-domain graduate learning tasks. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir


Absar, Rafa. (2012). Enhancing navigation using auditory feedback: A case study of hierarchical information visualization system. Supervisor: Prof. Catherine Guastavino

Kloda, Lorie. (2012). Clinical questions asked and pursued by rehabilitation therapists: An exploratory study of information needs. Supervisor: Prof. Joan Bartlett

Pras, Amandine. (2012). How to draw out the best musical performance: Best practices for studio recording in the digital era. Supervisor: Prof. Catherine Guastavino

Tang, David. (2012). Towards optimal management of health information users' feedback: The case of the Canadian Pharmacists Association. Supervisors: Prof. France Bouthillier and Prof. Pierre Pluye


Atkin, Michelle. (2011). Information ethics: An applied study of United States foreign intelligence surveillance under President George W. Bush. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large

Mondou, Evelyne. (2011). Analysis of the vocabulary used by a community of practice over time: A case study of scientific knowledge transfer. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir

Paré, François-Xavier. (2011). Personal information management among office support staff in a university environment: An exploratory study. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Yang, Lin. (2011). Chinese business managers’ perceptions in KM-related decision making: Environmental, informational, individual, and decision-specific perspectives. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir


Julien, Charles-Antoine. (2010). SE-3D:  A controlled comparative usability study of a virtual reality semantic hierarchy explorer. Supervisors: Prof. Catherine Guastavino, John Leide

Larivière, Vincent. (2010). A bibliometric analysis of Quebec’s PhD students’ contributions to the advancement of knowledge. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti


Bao, Xiaowen. (2009). Measuring information-sharing behavior, the case of supply chains in operational contexts. Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthillier

Nesset, Valerie. (2009). The information-seeking behaviour of grade-three elementary school students in the context of a class project. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large


Bowler, Leanne. (2008). The metacognitive knowledge of adolescent students during the information search process. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large

Jin, Tao. (2008). An exploratory study on information work activities of competitive intelligence professionals. Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthillier

Laplante, Audrey. (2008). Everyday life music information-seeking behaviour of young adults: An exploratory study. Supervisor: Prof. John Leide

Nwakanma, Chukwuemeka Dean. (2008). Alignment of competencies as identified by library and information science educators and practitioners: A case study of database management. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Wiseman, Erica. (2008). The institutionalization of organizational knowledge: Learning to walk the talk. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir


Al-Reyaee, Suleiman. (2007). Factors that influence the attitude of academic librarians in Saudi Arabia toward copyright laws. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Li, Ping. (2007). Doctoral student's mental models of a web search engine: an exploratory study. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Sutton, Michael. (2007). Examination of the historical sense-making processes representing the development of Knowledge Management programs in universities: Case studies associated with an emergent discipline. Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthillier


Williams, Dorothy. (2006). Sankofa: Recovering Montreal’s heterogeneous black print serials. Supervisor: Prof. Peter McNally


Clemens, Lisbeth. (2005). Images of masculinity: Ideology and narrative structure in realistic novels for young adults. Supervisor: Prof. John Leide

Yi, Kwan. (2005). Text classification using a hidden Markov model. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti


Moukdad, Haidar. (2002). A comparison of root and stemming techniques for the retrieval of Arabic documents. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large

Sierpe, Eino. (2002). Gender and its relationship to perception in computer-mediated communication. Supervisor: Prof. Diane Mittermeyer


El Bennani, Fauzia. (2001). Librarianship as a profession:  An investigation of Libyan librarians’ attitudes.  Supervisor: Prof. Lorna Rees-Potter


Tabah, Albert. (1996). Information epidemics and the growth of physics. Supervisor: Prof. Lorna Rees-Potter

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