PhD theses

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Dineen, Jesse (2018) Analysing file management behaviour  Supervisor: Prof. Charles-Antoine Julien

Dorey, Jonathan (2018) Archival interaction: a framework to assess university archives websites from the perspective of history undergraduate students Supervisor Prof. Elaine Menard

Shu, Fei (2018) A comparison between a Chinese bibliometric database and the Web of Science in terms of authors and their output  Prof. Charles-Antoine Julien

Steele, Daniel (2018)  Bridging the gap from soundscape research to urban planning and design practice: how do professionals conceptualize, work with and seek information about sound?  Prof. Catherine Guastavino


AlGhamdi, Mohammed. (2017), Usability of three-dimensional virtual learning environments: an exploratory study of the think aloud approach  Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

El Kadi, Abir (2017), Are we heading toward a knowledge society? An exploratory case study of higher education reform  Supervisor Prof. Kimiz Dalkir

Lee, Sunghoon (2017) Constructing an effective electronic records management programme: policies, practices, and systems Supervisor Prof. Eun Park

Shulha, Michael. (2017), Survivorship care plans:assessing the information needs of breast cancer survivors, primary care physicians, and oncology specialists Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthilier


Kitimbo, Irene. (2016). An empirical analysis of project-based learning practices. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir

Weigl, David. (2016). Rythmic information as a relevance criterion for music information retrieval Supervisor: Prof. Catherine Guastavino 


Abuhimed, Dhary. (2015). An investigation of knowledge transfer in a high school inquiry-based project: Transferring students’ experiential knowledge in the form of lessons learned and stories. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti


Gainor, Rhiannon. (2014). Measuring competitive intelligence outcomes and impact. Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthillier

Khashman, Nouf. (2014). Investigating the application of Hofstede's model of cultural dimensions to Arabic web interfaces. Supervisors: Prof. Andrew Large (Emeritus) & Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Zwarich, Natasha. (2014). Policies and practices for e-mail management at the Canadian government: An exploratory study. Supervisor: Prof. Eun Park


Boutard, Guillaume. (2013). The re-performance of digital archives of contemporary music live electronics: A theoretical and practical preservation framework. Supervisors: Prof. Catherine Guastavino, Prof. James Turner, Univ. de Montreal

Fitzgibbons, Yusuke. (2013). Integrating information behavior and information literacy during academic writing tasks: A comparative study of Japanese and Canadian undergraduate students in Canada. Supervisor: Prof. Joan Bartlett

Saleh, Nasser. (2013). Collaborative information behaviour in learning tasks: A study of engineering students. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large

Tabatabaei, Nahid. (2013). Contribution of information science to other disciplines as reflected in citation contexts of highly cited JASIST papersSupervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Tomm, Jillian. (2013). The imprint of the scholar: An analysis of the printed books of McGill University’s Raymond Klibansky Collection. Supervisor: Prof. Peter McNally

Weerapura, Kaushilya Gauri . (2013). The influence of information use strategies on ill-structured-domain graduate learning tasks. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir


Absar, Rafa. (2012). Enhancing navigation using auditory feedback: A case study of hierarchical information visualization system. Supervisor: Prof. Catherine Guastavino

Kloda, Lorie. (2012). Clinical questions asked and pursued by rehabilitation therapists: An exploratory study of information needs. Supervisor: Prof. Joan Bartlett

Pras, Amandine. (2012). How to draw out the best musical performance: Best practices for studio recording in the digital era. Supervisor: Prof. Catherine Guastavino

Tang, David. (2012). Towards optimal management of health information users' feedback: The case of the Canadian Pharmacists Association. Supervisors: Prof. France Bouthillier and Prof. Pierre Pluye


Atkin, Michelle. (2011). Information ethics: An applied study of United States foreign intelligence surveillance under President George W. Bush. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large

Mondou, Evelyne. (2011). Analysis of the vocabulary used by a community of practice over time: A case study of scientific knowledge transfer. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir

Paré, François-Xavier. (2011). Personal information management among office support staff in a university environment: An exploratory study. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Yang, Lin. (2011). Chinese business managers’ perceptions in KM-related decision making: Environmental, informational, individual, and decision-specific perspectives. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir


Julien, Charles-Antoine. (2010). SE-3D:  A controlled comparative usability study of a virtual reality semantic hierarchy explorer. Supervisors: Prof. Catherine Guastavino, John Leide

Larivière, Vincent. (2010). A bibliometric analysis of Quebec’s PhD students’ contributions to the advancement of knowledge. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti


Bao, Xiaowen. (2009). Measuring information-sharing behavior, the case of supply chains in operational contexts. Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthillier

Nesset, Valerie. (2009). The information-seeking behaviour of grade-three elementary school students in the context of a class project. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large


Bowler, Leanne. (2008). The metacognitive knowledge of adolescent students during the information search process. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large

Jin, Tao. (2008). An exploratory study on information work activities of competitive intelligence professionals. Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthillier

Laplante, Audrey. (2008). Everyday life music information-seeking behaviour of young adults: An exploratory study. Supervisor: Prof. John Leide

Nwakanma, Chukwuemeka Dean. (2008). Alignment of competencies as identified by library and information science educators and practitioners: A case study of database management. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Wiseman, Erica. (2008). The institutionalization of organizational knowledge: Learning to walk the talk. Supervisor: Prof. Kimiz Dalkir


Al-Reyaee, Suleiman. (2007). Factors that influence the attitude of academic librarians in Saudi Arabia toward copyright laws. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Li, Ping. (2007). Doctoral student's mental models of a web search engine: an exploratory study. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti

Sutton, Michael. (2007). Examination of the historical sense-making processes representing the development of Knowledge Management programs in universities: Case studies associated with an emergent discipline. Supervisor: Prof. France Bouthillier


Williams, Dorothy. (2006). Sankofa: Recovering Montreal’s heterogeneous black print serials. Supervisor: Prof. Peter McNally


Clemens, Lisbeth. (2005). Images of masculinity: Ideology and narrative structure in realistic novels for young adults. Supervisor: Prof. John Leide

Yi, Kwan. (2005). Text classification using a hidden Markov model. Supervisor: Prof. Jamshid Beheshti


Moukdad, Haidar. (2002). A comparison of root and stemming techniques for the retrieval of Arabic documents. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Large

Sierpe, Eino. (2002). Gender and its relationship to perception in computer-mediated communication. Supervisor: Prof. Diane Mittermeyer


El Bennani, Fauzia. (2001). Librarianship as a profession:  An investigation of Libyan librarians’ attitudes.  Supervisor: Prof. Lorna Rees-Potter


Tabah, Albert. (1996). Information epidemics and the growth of physics. Supervisor: Prof. Lorna Rees-Potter