Information on Tenure

Candidates are considered to be part of the tenure cohort for an academic year. The deadline for submission of a tenure application by tenure-track academics and librarians, as determined by the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff, is September 1 of the candidate's mandatory year of tenure consideration.

Information sessions at McGill's downtown and Macdonald campuses relating to matters of tenure, guidelines for tenure submission and forms related to the process are organized according to cohort. More information may be found on this website, by cohort.

If you have any questions about tenure regulations and process, please contact Dr. Lucy Brown, by phone (514-398-1568) or email (lucy.brown3 [at]

Additional Pages

Tenure Consideration for Cohort 2022-2023

Tenure Consideration for Cohort 2023-2024

Tenure Consideration for Cohort 2024-2025


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Appeals of Tenure Decisions

For information relating to appeals of tenure decisions, please consult the Secretariat's Dispute Resolution webpage, as well as the Regulations on Appeals of Tenure Decisions.

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