Dispute Resolution - Appeals of the Denial of Tenure

Grounds for Appeal of a Decision for the Denial Tenure

An academic staff member/librarian who is Tenure-Track and who has received the Principal's final decision against recommending the grant of tenure may only be appealed on one or both of the following grounds:

  1. that the decision was arrived at on the basis of a failure to follow proper procedures (procedural error) or bias;
  2. that the decision is unreasonable in light of the dossier at the time of the decision and inconsistent with University standards.

The following decisions are not subject to appeal: refusal of early tenure; refusal of an appointment with tenure; refusal of tenure for retention.

Source: section 9 of the Regulations on Appeals of Tenure Decisions

For information on the appeal process, please consult the Regulations Relating to Employment of  Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff and the Regulations on Appeals of Tenure Decisions.

Filing an Appeal

The Constitution of the University Appeals Committee  that hears such grievances is a Senate-Nominated Committee. The composition of the Committee can be found here

Selection of the Committee members is described in the Regulations on Appeals of Tenure Decisions.

Staff are requested to submit their appeal to grievances-appeals.secretariat [at] mcgill.ca

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