Dispute Resolution

Appeal of a Decision for the Denial of Tenure

For information on the Appeal process, please consult the following regulations:

Grounds for Appeal

An academic staff member/librarian who is Tenure-Track and who has received the President's final decision against recommending the grant of tenure may only be appealed on one or both of the following grounds:

  1. that the decision was arrived at on the basis of a failure to follow proper procedures (procedural error) or bias;
  2. that the decision is unreasonable in light of the dossier at the time of the decision and inconsistent with University standards.

The following decisions are not subject to appeal: refusal of early tenure; refusal of an appointment with tenure; refusal of tenure for retention.

Filing an Appeal

The Constitution of the University Appeals Committee that hears such grievances is a Senate-Nominated Committee. The composition of the Committee can be found here.

Selection of the Committee members is described in the Regulations.

Submit an Appeal Confidential Nomination Form (Version française à venir)
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