Dispute Resolution - Academic Staff Grievances

Academic Staff Grievances

If a staff member believes he or she:

  • i)    has been unfairly treated by the University in regard to the interpretation or application of University policy insofar as it relates to his or her academic career and working conditions; or
  • ii)    has been subjected to arbitrary, discriminatory, or unreasonable actions taken against him or her by the University, either by act or omission,

the staff member may make a formal complaint, either orally or in writing, to his or her immediate superior (as defined in Section 11.2), who shall meet with the complainant without undue delay and both shall use their best efforts to settle the complaint. This initial complaint must be made within 20 working days from the date when the cause of the complaint occurs or becomes known to the complainant and is referred to hereinafter as Stage 1.

If no settlement is arrived at in Stage 1 within 10 working days of the making of the complaint, the complainant may, within a further 10 working days, submit the complaint in writing to his or her next superior as defined in Section 11.2. The next superior shall meet with the complainant and both shall use their best efforts to settle the complaint (Stage 2).

If in Stage 2 no settlement is arrived at within 10 working days of the presentation of the complaint, the complaint shall be deemed a grievance, and the complainant shall file with the Secretary-General a written statement of grievance within the 10 working days next following (Stage 3).

Source: sections 11.3-11.5 of the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Academic Staff.

Filing a Staff Grievance (Stage 3)

The Constitution of the Committee on Staff Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures  that hears such grievances is a Senate-Nominated Committee arising from University Regulations.

Selection of the membership for the Hearing Committee is described in the Regulations Relating to Employment of Academic Staff.

Staff wishing to file a grievance are requested to submit their grievance, along with this form to grievances-appeals.secretariat [at] mcgill.ca.


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