Protected/Classified Information and Security Clearances

McGill University strives to achieve the highest levels of compliance with external regulatory frameworks. Within these are a series of regulations that will potentially govern your research; specific examples include research with humans, with animals, with biohazards and radio-isotopes.

In addition we are increasingly being mandated to review our handling of goods that are potentially controlled for export and our handling of data that may be of a sensitive nature. The OSR can help you understand the regulations that must be complied with. Some information that we generate or use in research may require security clearances, including police checks and governmental clearances. Should a security clearance (in order to access protected/classified information) be required, please contact Controlled Goods Officer at the Office of Sponsored Research. He/she will provide you all necessary information and guide you through the process.

Protected/Classified Information Definitions

  • Classified Assets: assets, other than information, that are important to the national interest and therefore warrant safeguarding.
  • Classified Information: information related to the national interest that may qualify for an exemption or exclusion under the Access to Information Act or Privacy Act and the compromise of which would reasonably be expected to cause injury to the national interest.
  • Protected: the marking that shows that the information qualifies as PROTECTED information and requires more than basic safeguarding. (PROTECTED A is used to specify the requirement for minimum standards of protection; PROTECTED B indicates the need for additional security measures; PROTECTED C signals the need for special, stringent safeguards.)
  • Protected Assets:
    1. assets, other than information, that have been identified by the institution as being important to operations by virtue of the function performed or as being valuable and therefore warranting safeguarding;
    2. cash and other negotiables;
    3. computer systems that require safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information stored therein.
  • Protected Information: information related to other than the national interest that may qualify for an exemption or exclusion.

Please read and sign the following: Protected/Classified Information Statement


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