Next round of talks with AMURE in presence of conciliator


Published: 1Oct2012

At the session held on September 19 with both AMURE bargaining units, the university explained its position on layoffs, end of contracts and recalls of research associates and assistants. This led to questions and several exchanges between the parties. A tentative agreement on the majority of these elements was presented by McGill. The parties reached an agreement in principle on the majority of the issues at hand, but were unable to reach an agreement on the notice of termination of employment. The union suggested, and the parties agreed, to call on the conciliator already assigned to these negotiations, to seek her assistance in the continuation of discussions relating to this topic. The next meeting, scheduled for October 3, will be held in the conciliator’s presence.



McGill Human Resources has asked Research and International Relations to relay updates on the University’s negotiations with AMURE, the union representing research associates and assistants, to the McGill community.

Please share the information as you deem appropriate. If you have questions, please contact Human Resources at 514-398-4747 or [at]

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